18 thoughts on “The right reverend Ronald ordained by American Marriage Ministries

    • WOW! You are right on top of things, Carmen. I would have never put two and two together. In fact, I wondered why the pic with no explanation.

      Scottie — is it for real?

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      • Hello Nan. Yes it is Ron and it is for real. A couple of the nurses he worked with decided to get married, they have a 3 year old daughter, and they asked Ron to officiate the wedding. They sent for the stuff to get him certified, he filled it all out, called the county clerk to get instruction on the forms and paperwork, and yesterday performed his first marriage. It was on a catamaran 7 miles out in the gulf. The captain did not know it was a wedding until Ron talked to him. He was really great and Ron loved except it was really hot. He had to stand on the tip of the boat with only a thick cable to the mast to stabilize himself as the boat rocked. He was terrified he was going to fall overboard. He couldn’t hold on as he had his book he had to read from. The center of the boat where the Bride and Groom stood was only netting and Ron was terrified they would lose the ring down it. Ron wrote the marriage ceremony / vows out and I helped him. The couple loved it. I couldn’t go because I get very sea sick, the couple did not know and thought I would be there. They told Ron to call me and have me come to the restaurant for the reception but it was too late. I hope Ron will do more of these. Hugs

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    • Hello Carmen. Thank you, I will tell him. Yes it is Ron. It is not quite the tux he had to wear as a butler but he likes this much better. He has a funny wedding story from yesterday. He performed one on a catamaran 7 miles from shore. He had to stand on the tip of the boat with only a thick cable to brace himself with. He had a lot of fun. Hugs

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      • They call them ‘celebrants’ in Australia and our daughter had one, to do her wedding in 2015. She emailed her back and forth to arrange everything, she didn’t come to the rehearsal (the celebrant) and came about 15 minutes before the 10-minute ceremony. She didn’t stick around for the lovely meal/dance afterward. Our daughter sent all the paperwork in herself so, all told, the lady spent maybe two hours on the whole thing. For that she charged $650 — a good gig, we thought! As you can probably guess, there are TONS of celebrants there.

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        • Hello Carmen. Wow, that celebrant missed most of the joy. That was unfair to your daughter, and I would not had been happy with that person. Ron felt very honored to be asked to be part of their wedding. It was their special day, their wedding, and Ron helped make it so for them. Hugs


    • Hello Carmen. The county clerk’s office was great in helping Ron out. They explained the forms and how to do it, and gave him suggestions. They have a list for people who want non-religious weddings and they offered to put Ron’s contact stuff on the list. Ron is not sure but I really hope he does more of them. He had a great time and he was so happy getting all the stuff ready. Hugs

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    • Hello Brother. Hope all is well and you had a great weekend. I will pass your compliments on. I meant to text your folks but never got around to it. Hugs


  • So now we get to see the other half of that union with a great story thrown in. Congratulstions all around. I think we all got at least a good smile from that. Thanks for sharing, Scottie and Ron.

    The Athest number pretty high now. FFRF has 30,000+ members. That is only the registered members of one organization.

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    • Hello Cagjr. The FFRF is a group we belong to. Ron had a great time doing it. He has been in the hospitality business for decades in one form or another. He is thinking of looking into to establishing a practice and doing this more. But he has a lot to learn and would want to do it with the idea of making the wedding as wonderful for the people getting married as possible. Hugs


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