TIME: The Election May Never Be Over for White Supremacists Who Thrive on Resentment

The Election May Never Be Over for White Supremacists Who Thrive on Resentment
Joseph Paul Franklin following his conviction on two counts of first degree murder in Salt Lake City, June 2, 1981. The election may be behind us but its turbulence is not. Even before the loss of the candidate it openly admired, frustration and resentment were the fuel of the white supremacist movement, judged by both the FBI and Homeland Security as grave terrorist threats to the nation. As groups, they draw attention. But the lesson of recent history is that most of the damage is done by

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6 thoughts on “TIME: The Election May Never Be Over for White Supremacists Who Thrive on Resentment

  • All they need now is a martyr. It is interesting to speculate on the different scenarios of the demise of this madman. What are the just desserts for someone who has created so much misery and death? Hope you are still glad to be alive, Scottie. GROG

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    • Hello Tony. No tRump won’t fade away. He got a taste of fame on his scripted reality show. He thought his entire presidency was a reality show, more worried about his ratings / TV time then anything else. But the majority of people will ignore him, but like you say the maga assholes will keep being a problem especially on health matters. They are pitiful people who like tRump are trying to stay relevant in a country that has moved past them decades ago. Hugs

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  • The Klan is reborn. Or resurfaced. The idea of nationalism is embraced by the church just as it was in 1865. The SC grants the church whatever it wants which was the goal.

    America First

    Does anyone think it is a coincidence that Trump chose that slogan?

    The White Supremacists, Christian Nationalists, Capitalists, Conservative Republicans stand for themselves, so what they are against is everything but themselves. All of us who don’t fit those monickers are anathema. I would caution Christians to check their standing with those bigots because they are not squeamish about hacking up anyone who resists them. You must be the ‘right kind’ of Christian.

    The election will not be over until they restore the lost cause, purify the white race, enslave the Negro, and destroy every other religion. They will never be done. They are just like ISIS in that they run on hate.

    But, the FBI most likely has all their leaders under surveillance. In spite of Barr, the FBI and most of the Justice Department still function. Unless there is some kind of imminent danger they won’t do much until Barr is replaced.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I agree, no argument from me. I think we can be thankful that most of the FBI is professionals. I hope so at least.

      What I can never understand is people who join with those that hate them. The Log Cabin Republicans, gay people who deny reality of what Republicans are and support them regardless of the harm Republicans are doing to them. Same with hispanics that support white supremacists, it makes no sense.

      I use to think hate and bigotry were caused by uneducation. I was wrong. It is a hate born of a need for the feeling of superiority once held in the past and a refusal to admit equality as in their minds it lowers their personal worth. They claim they are protecting the white man’s culture but they have no clue what it is. The country has a much blended culture enhanced by the mixing of many different racial groups with many different cultures. Even our religions are blended forms.

      I do not know how to end bigotry and hate, other than make expressing it unacceptable in public. It must be stigmatised and any bigotry shown for the failings it is. Hugs


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