USA TODAY: The young die as well from COVID-19, even as many engage in denial

The young die as well from COVID-19, even as many engage in denial
A dangerous fiction has made its way through social media and American politics. But, in fact, “young and healthy” people can get ill — and die, too.

Read in USA TODAY:

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8 thoughts on “USA TODAY: The young die as well from COVID-19, even as many engage in denial

  • And many times when young people do survive, they become long-haulers, who have some lifelong trouble with some bodily system because of the damage COVID-19 does to so many human bodies. They also have a goodly number of weeks (or longer) of PTSD to get through when they recover, especially if they require a vent and come off it. We’ve read about this stuff, and I don’t think it’s things parents of young adults and late teens think about when they make unthinking decisions in a pandemic.

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    • It’s the Kool-Aid they swill. This epidemic has been so much worse than it should have been. It’s hard to understand how adults with children can ignore science and medical professionals and listen to Trump.

      I don’t want to PO any Christians or other theists, but their God is not going to save them. Prayers don’t work. Wishful thinking doesn’t work.

      Nobody, not even children, is immune. We have already heard of survivors being re-infected and children dying. Obviously, everyone who comes in contact with the virus does not get sick or die.

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      • Hello Cagjr. I was watching a news clip on the virus yesterday when they asked a maga guy why he refused to wear a mask. He said the virus was not real and was just a flu. When asked why he believed that he said “Because he did not know anyone who had it”, so in his mind as he did not know anyone who had caught Covid and he did not have anyone he knew die, it was not real. WTF. Clearly that is stupid. Is everything he has not see personally made up? It is just a talking point used on far right media. These people do not realize how big 336 million people really is.

        I often wonder if the people running the far right media believe the trash they spew or are they laughing at the very rubes they con? Hugs

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        • This thinking is so typical of so many. And I can say that with authority because, as I’ve mentioned before, my daughter is one of them. “It’s just the flu, Mom.” (Where did I go wrong?!!?)

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          • Hello Nan. Sadly brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome are real and right wing media has specialized in it. I feel we need a national program to deprogram these people. They are in a dangerous cult. They have to be treated that way I think. I am now treating cult followers and maga’s the way I treat religious people, show me the proof what what you are claiming. Show me a reputable scientist or the peer reviewed data to prove your idea / point. When they can not I dismiss the thing they came out with. Hugs


      • Hello Cagjr. I normal do not put much stock into Todd’s interview style and manner of journalism, I hate his what about both sides play on very issue where Republicans get caught doing something wrong. He just has to throw into the mix that possibly a Democrat may have done something wrong also, even though it was not about the Democrats. However on this Covid issue what he said is correct, and I can’t fault him. Thanks for the link. Hugs


    • Hello Ali. Good morning. Yes people tend to forget the long term damage this virus does. The organ damage. We do not know if it continues after the virus is gone, or if the virus can be dormant and come back. We simply do not know enough about the virus to be risky with it. Hugs

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