Christian couple who said they would try to “cure” a gay kid sues foster agency for denying them

Byron and Keira Hordyk, an Australian evangelical Christian couple who applied to be foster parents, are suing for “religious discrimination” after they were denied. They say the foster agency’s decision wasn’t based on whether or not they can provide a loving home to a child but instead on their anti-LGBTQ religious beliefs.

The couple told an employee from the Wanslea Family Services that they would not accept an LGBTQ kid and would subject the child to traumatizing “conversion therapy” meant to turn them straight or cisgender. The Hordyks were denied because their home wouldn’t be a safe environment for the child.

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The American Psychiatric Association has long opposed conversion therapy and has called on lawmakers to ban what they call a “harmful and discriminatory practice.”

Even conversion therapy that doesn’t use abusive or violent techniques can harm a child’s mental health by teaching them that they are fundamentally broken because of their identity. According to HRC, the practice has been linked to an increased risk of “depression, anxiety, drug use, homelessness, and suicide.”

Garden State Equality, an LGBTQ organization, says simply, “Conversion therapy is child abuse.”

So it is not surprising that the Hordyks got rejected. The couple said they got a letter from the foster agency saying that they did not meet the requirement of “providing a safe living environment.”

“We do feel we have been discriminated against and also we felt that if we were quiet about this and didn’t say anything about it, it could potentially harm or limit any people with the same Christian values as ours from fostering,” the couple told The West Australian. “We hold traditional Christian views on how the Bible teaches us on sexuality and marriage.”

“We stated it from the beginning. We are not here to hide behind it. Everyone — particularly with a divisive issue — is afraid of being put into the realm of public opinion in a negative light. And my beliefs are strong enough that this might be my cross to bear.”

In the United States, foster agencies run by religious organizations have sued to demand their “right” to deny LGBTQ people as potential foster parents. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, a case brought by a Catholic adoption agency seeking the right to discriminate against potential LGBTQ foster and adoptive parents, shortly after the election.

Catholic Social Services sued after the city of Philadelphia ended a contract with the service after finding out the agency wouldn’t serve gay couples. Lower court rulings have sided with the city, pointing out that religious beliefs are not grounds for violating general civil rights laws.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that religious groups are not exempt from general local, state, and federal laws, but the current makeup of the court has caused concern among civil rights advocates.

This was the first major case that new Justice Amy Coney Barrett heard. The far-right anti-LGBTQ Justice’s confirmation tilted the court with a 6-3 conservative bias.

7 thoughts on “Christian couple who said they would try to “cure” a gay kid sues foster agency for denying them

  • Once more I get angry at people like this! It’s just one more example of them wanting everyone to live and believe as they do. For their god’s sake … stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your own lives! Your interpretation of your holy book clearly says that god will take care of the “sinners.” It. Is. Not. For. You. To. Judge. Who. Fits. That. Description!

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    • You’ve nailed it, Nan. What we see in this kind of people is what the whole nation would look like with sectarian education. They want all public education to end, the Constitution replaced by biblical law, and taxpayers funding all religious activity.

      Those ‘psychiatrists’ who think they are converting children to their ideal should be subjected to some ‘conversion therapy.’ I suspect they’re educated in Christian colleges and I doubt they have passed the American Board of Psychiatry. If they have, then the American Board of Psychiatry needs to outlaw this practice.

      If they give their god credit for every child born, then who do they think they are to perfect what he/she has created? Did god make a mistake, or have they forgotten he/she is infallible?

      Do you suppose god is a hermaphrodite? All Christian denominations have their origin in Greek, Roman, and Eastern gods, so maybe they adopted something they do not understand.

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      • A thought occurred to me while reading your comment — wouldn’t it be tantalizing if things were turned around and the Non-Believers got together and set up a “Conversion Therapy Foundation” to help Christians overcome their abnormal and church-derived “god fetish.” 😈 (Insert evil laugh!)

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      • Hello Cagjr. Well said. I have often wondered at the idea that the Christian god with all its powers having a gender? They call that god him, father, the husband to the bride, and more than I can think right now they use the male superior pronoun to describe their god.

        The only reason they would do that is if their god was being made by them to fit their time frame.

        Really it makes no other sense. If their god is timeless then he would know the science and that it says the evangelical leaders are wrong about this issue.

        I have often wondered why the evangelicals picked this hill to die on? Time and people move on, they could have kept their grift going if they had not drawn such a hard line in shifting sands.

        Now they are fighting to stay relevant and keep their followers as the others around them fail. Hugs


        • stuff like this is why if someone were to get confrontational about church and state separation and why I’m no longer a believer, I’d have to say “believe in what, exactly? There are as many different Christianities as there are Christians. And when it’s convenient for you, God’s will aligns so closely to what you already want and believe. Hmm…”

          Someone needs to put the Betty Bowers vid about biblical marriage in front of these folks and walk out for a few minutes, then come back and demand they explain what their biblical marriage at home means. Bonus points if the official can rapid-fire scripture at them, especially the more obscure stuff these “pious” folks likely never would’ve heard about because most of ’em only read what their pastor tells them if they read it at all.

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    • Hello Nan. I love your comment. But for a minute indulge me to imagine what a gay kid would experience in such a home? How much abuse, how much distrust for anyone ever again, how many nightmares?

      Last night I had two different nightmares where my adoptive parents were again abusing me. So even if it was not as bad as I had it, but just the constant flow of your evil and god hates you, and then if they sent the kid to conversion therapy, a lifetime of nightmares and emotional trauma. Yet they feel they are entitled to have a child to raise that way.

      And Nan I guarantee you they were not looking for any child to give a home to. Not a 12 year old, nor a 15 year old, but they wanted a little kid. Why? Because a little kid is easier to imprint the god way on, it is easier to make sure they stay in the church as adults and give more tithes as adults to the church.

      One of the things I posted on was that very young children were taken from the southern border to northern cities in the dark of night and there adopted out, with no records kept. Little children trafficked by the US government to be sold by religious organizations to Christian parents.

      In my opinion this is not about getting homes for kids that need them but about building up little soldiers for the church. It is about the collection box, not a child’s health. It is entirely about the church.

      Ever wonder why these super religious people do not adopt older kids? They need homes and parents also. Because it is not about giving, it is about what they can get out of it in the future. IMO.

      Thanks. Hugs


      • doubling down on their investment in a mini-me. Imagine the accolades of taking in a child and raising them up to be such good Christians. What great parents! Such good Christians.
        I wish these folks would focus more on being good people rather than good Christians. That thinking sickens me more and more every day.

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