4 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump’s Zombie presidency needs to end & maga knows it

  • Before long Trump will be a bad dream, vaccine will be readily available and ignoramuses will have to find something else to froth about. Sadly, we all know nothing short of white bread, Miracle Whip, Dr. Pepper, automatic weapon sidearms for all will silence the army of nincompoops intent on making America great again. MAGA? WTF!!!!

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    • Hello Notes To Ponder. The make America regressive again people? 😀😁😃😄

      I hope that they will flare out and wither away after the start of the Biden administration. When their Dear Leader is shown to have feet of clay and just like them unable to get his own way, they will stop adoring him. What they love about him is his seeming to be so powerful and able to treat others like crap, to insult and belittle others at will and no one dares to correct him. Now that that is changing he won’t be so attractive to them. I hope. Hugs


  • Scottie, is it possible he may just implode? Add one dose of fragile ego, add one dose of mercurial behavior, add one dose of notoriety that comes with losing, stir and watch what happens. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. There is one thing I do not understand. Since the election tRump has given only one interview ( it was totally unhinged and on SPTV of course ) and a couple very short in person events. This is weird for tRump. He normally demands the spotlights, he demands to be seen and heard. Why is he holding back? Why is he not out there on every media, giving rallies? Hugs


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