GOP Georgia Sec. Of State Slams Republican Silence On His Death Threats: I’m Thinking They’re Complicit In It

GOP Georgia Sec. Of State Slams Republican Silence On His Death Threats: I’m Thinking They’re Complicit In It

The Washington Post reports:

Raffensperger said Republicans were only harming themselves by questioning the integrity of the Dominion machines. He warned that these kinds of baseless allegations could discourage Republicans from voting in the Senate runoffs. “People need to get a grip on reality,” he said.

More troubling to Raffensperger were the many threats he and his wife, Tricia, have received over the past few weeks — and a break-in at another family member’s home. All of it has prompted him to accept a state security detail.

“If Republicans don’t start condemning this stuff, then I think they’re really complicit in it,” he said. “It’s time to stand up and be counted. Are you going to stand for righteousness? Are you going to stand for integrity? Or are you going to stand for the wild mob? You wanted to condemn the wild mob when it’s on the left side. What are you going to do when it’s on our side?”

Read the full article.

I was unable to read the full article.   Hope you have better luck.  Hugs

15 thoughts on “GOP Georgia Sec. Of State Slams Republican Silence On His Death Threats: I’m Thinking They’re Complicit In It

  • Hi Scottie – this is same motherfucker who’s trying to install a “poll tax” by denying the vote in the upcoming runoff to anyone who doesn’t have a car registered in GA. His thinking is “everyone has a car, and if it’s registered, then you’re a ‘solid citizen.’ ” And he thinks thousands of people will be coming in from out of state, to register and then vote illegally, to turn it in favor of the Dimocraps, but they can be denied by using this new “guideline.”
    But that’s what he did – call it a “guideline,” or a “strong recommendation,” and not a new law, since he can’t make laws on his own, but the GA legislature has expressed an interest in passing a law with that provision in it. Think of all the elderly, and the students, and poor, Black people who don’t have cars, or at least don’t have one registered in GA.
    He’s already been warned that the courts will strike this down, as well as any similar attempts to disenfranchise any specific segment of the populace, so I don’t feel too sorry for him, and his death-threats.

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    • Hello Dennis. Thanks for the information. I had read about that registered car crap but did not realize that this was the guy. Far too many of these places are going for that voting poll tax and the SCOTUS let Florida get away with it. I think there is a real attempt by the Republicans to have only white Christian land owners vote. I know many people who live in cities who do not have cars at all. You are correct that this would disenfranchise a lot of people. Hugs


  • It is no surprize the GOP has the same mentality as Christianity: they will hack up all the others who get out of line. Rafensperger said the GOP only arms itself. Maybe so. They think that by 2022 all their crimes will be frogotten. They may be right. We lost House seats in this election in spite of what has been in the public for four years.

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    • Hello Cagjr. It all depends on if Biden’s administration really does anything to help the people. If they enact things that help the workers, the average person, the majority of the country that are so very desperate for help and have lost so much ground over the years to the wealthy. If the Democrats do those things then they will sweep the midterms. If they continue to favor businesses and be corporate Democrats then the Republicans will return more powerful and more able to block anything the Democrats want to do. Of course a lot will depend on GA and who controls the Senate. Hugs


    • Hello Polly. Are you saying Republicans have changed? That the Republicans have become more radical? If so do you have any ideas why? I think it has to do with radical right media and the Qanon crap. Hugs


  • Scottie, two recounts in Georgia and Biden is confirmed again. Chris Krebs noted on “60 Minutes” that 95% of the ballots have paper ballot back-up, so the recounts are easier. In 2016, it was only 82%. He defined Trump, Giuliani and Powell’s claims as “farcical” and “nonsense.” I sent you a copy of my weekly email, but I also liked the article by GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman who said his fellow GOP members being “unethical” supporting the president’s false claims.

    Here is a link to my post which links to the article. Keith

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    • Scottie, this headline may be of interest from today, 12/1/2020. In Sidney Powell’s lawsuit in Georgia, Business Insider reported the following headline today: “A witness in Trump ally Sidney Powell’s lawsuits says the voting results in ‘Edison County’ indicate fraud. No such place exists.”

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      • Hello Keith. I seen that on another site. I am unable to read BI because of my ad blocker. but this is the level of the cult of tRump. tRump is not smart enough to know what is good lawyering and what is not. I wonder if the cult followers are? Hugs


    • Hello Keith. It is clear the state level Republicans are done with tRump and crew’s harassment. It couldn’t have been more clearer than Gov. Ducey simply sending tRump’s call to voicemail and tRumps later call in to the Republican farce meeting. Sadly very few on the national level will call tRumps & crews actions because it is a grifting fund raising effort. Not anything to do with changing the election at this point, it is a fundraising matter, and Republicans in office don’t want to criticize what they themselves do anytime they can for every silliest reasons they can think of. It is all about the money. Hugs

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      • Scottie, the message is clear. The outgoing president has made himself into someone whose voice does not matter. If a leader cannot add value and tell the truth, then he should stop talking. This governor who would not take his calls is doing what many of us do – don’t watch or listen to him as the large part of what he says is useless BS. I will read what he says to glean the few kernels we need to know. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I wish it was so but I have to disagree with you. Gov Ducey did what he did because by Arizona law he had no choice. He also did not want to publicly argue the point with tRump. I know how much it is to want this to show tRump was losing his influence, I did it myself. But then tRump called into the Republican fake hearing arranged by his lawyers with the Republicans from there and screamed at them over the actions of the governor. tRump is going to stay relevent to the Former Republican party for a long time. As long as he keeps cpntrol of the cult called the Republican base, he stays in charge of the party. Again I hate to beat a dead horse but either the former Republicans need a new party name or they need to disown all of tRumpism, and lose the base. Hugs


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