2 thoughts on “Study: 12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits after Christmas

  • The failure to pass new legislation rests with the GOP. Their intention is to leave the country in utter chaos come January Twentieth. I have heard there are Republicans who care about what is going on here, but I haven’t seen any evidence f such a creature. Not even droppings.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. McConnell only cares about the life time judges, it is what his wealthy donors are paying him for. That the people of the country starve doesn’t matter to him, he simply doesn’t care. If you look at McConnell’s history, he has followed the path of where he can get the most money. He started as a Democrat and then simply switched to being a Republican when the money and power was better. Morals or serving the people means nothing to him. He is out for himself. He started in congress poor, and now is a multi millionaire. He really is a prig! He has no sense of normal or decent actions, he really only cares about what is in it for his benefits. In the meanwhile the people in our country die while he racks up the money. Hugs


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