6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Biden has a big job to repair the country tRump trashed

  • That one entitled “coming soon” made me wish we COULD deny vaccinations to the idiots who claimed it was “just the flu.” If that is all it was, then they either don’t need it or they shouldn’t mind being last in line.

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    • add anti-vaxxers to the “end of the line” list. Drives me nuts they scream about autism for their kids, but if they’re going to a foreign country and they need vaccinations for the trip so they don’t get what’s prevalent there, they jump right in line and roll up their sleeves. I know, different vaccine, but it’s the principle of the thing. So, they can hang onto their principles a little longer, I guess.

      And I wonder how many of those “just the flu” folks got a vaccine this year. I never seem to get it myself, mainly bad timing. Sometimes they run short and I wait, but then when I can go I’ve got a headache or fever and can’t get it that day. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment Friday and will get it done then.

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. As to anti-vaxxers it never seems to occur to them the millions on millions that get the vaccines and have no problems. If the vaccines caused so much sickness and health problems we surely would have far more people stricken with them. But reason has never been a strong point of anti-vaxxers. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. According to David Pakman said the math about vaccines for covid is if you remove children you need almost all adults to take it, and right now 40% are saying they do not trust the vaccine and won’t take it. I don’t know how many are true never vaxxers or just don’t trust it under tRump. I am waiting, of course I have to not on the top tier to get it, until Biden’s team certifies it. tRump has pushed too many false and snake oil cures for me to trust that bunch. I would sooner trust tea from Putin. Hugs

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