19 thoughts on “James Taylor – You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. I have spent over 30 minutes looking for the video of the Nazi boy singing he is the future in a german cafe in an old movie but I can not find it. It is posted sometimes on Joe My God in the comments. I wanted to show it here but it is not to be. Maybe it is better that way. But I think if we forget the harm that hate can do especially to the young, we won’t ever be rid of it.

      I use to think hate would go away when we had better education and more mixed cultural influences. I forgot about some people never wanting to admit they are not better than all the others, I forgot about emotions. As long as anger, rage, and hate give such emotional highs we are going to have to fight the scourge of racism. Hugs

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      • what got me was forgetting that while we can do our best to teach kids to be better while at school, when they get home, if they’re surrounded by family who believe and act so differently, it’s only gonna go so far, unless they got a really shiny spine and they’re older. Trying to stand up at 7 is far different than at 17, and sometimes that racism or sexism or whatever becomes ingrained and you don’t even realize the attitude til it pops out at very inopportune moments. When you’re 7, the technique to achieve status quo attitude is gaslighting from parents or a change in topic. At 17 it’s gonna be screaming. Standing up to family has to be the hardest thing ever, because they know all the buttons to push and you have a history and you can’t rock the boat because “we’re family.”

        The past few years, “because we’re family” has become one of the scariest phrases I can think of. It’s used to justify all the worst beliefs and actions of those around us, and makes me sick. Maybe one time in 10 I’ve heard it used with compassion lately. Otherwise, the family card gets played too often. We truly are “carefully taught” so we don’t question but go along.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes very true. The saying is something like it is easier to stand up to your enemies than to stand up to your friends. Yes when it comes to family and kids the only thing you can do if allowed is to give them a safe place to express different ideas and to be exposed to positive diversity than they are at home. Families, the gift of bad ideas that keep on giving. Hugs


  • Isn’t he just the greatest? Thanks, Scottie.
    We are born innocent. Atheist. With no concept of prejudice and hate. Lovers. Well, we learn that too, don’t we.

    I’m reading a book by Katherine Stewart, The Good News Club. She is reporting on the Christian Nationalists’ infiltration of public schools. They have a program called ‘4/14’ and it refers to the fact that children from 4 years to 14 years old are the perfect age to convert to Christianity. Their mantra is “get them while they are young.”

    When these things are in our environment, it is being sucked up by those little sponge-like brains. Sometimes it is reinforced and nurtured, usually, intentionally.

    A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
    — Quote by Muhammad Ali

    We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
    — Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Ignorant men always imagine that he who speaks to them of things which they do not understand, is a very wise and learned man. This is the true principle of the credulity of nations, and of the authority of those who pretend to guide them.
    Jean Meskier Superstition In All Ages (1732) / Common Sense

    “It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”
    – James Baldwin

    PS: James Baldwin’s FBI file contains 1,884 pages of documents.

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        • I am trying to figure out what being an athirst has to do with the song. I personally was born Catholic and grew up believing in God. Not necessarily the Catholic one but a Christian one, learning it all but accepting only the parts that made sense to me.

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          • You were born into a Catholic family. You weren’t necessarily born Catholic. Someone had to teach you about Jesus, about the Church, about the rituals and the meanings behind things, that way you could be Catholic. You didn’t know all the prayers until they were taught to you. You were carefully taught so you would know your religion and what you should do and how you should act to be a good Catholic. Same goes for those born into Protestant families, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Many Muslims (especially in the Middle East) seem to believe that one is “born Muslim,” but if the couple in Saudi Arabia has to give the child up for some reason, it gets adopted by a Catholic family in Europe, and is raised to be Catholic, is it still a Muslim child? I would argue no because they know nothing about their biological family’s religion. They don’t pray five times a day or recite the Koran while in the middle of Mass. They would have to be taught it.

            We’re all born with a clean slate and pick things up. We don’t believe in a god the second we come out of the womb, we’re taught about God. That’s why he said we’re atheist until taught to believe, which make sense because how can you believe in something you don’t know exists (or is supposed to exist)? And we’re taught the morals and prejudices and worldview shared by that particular religion.

            That’s why even pastors, ministers, clergy, whoever will admit to wanting young families in the congregation, especially nowadays. They can teach them from such a young age what to believe that they don’t question it, because they’ve been taught to listen to authority, and parents don’t often question what their kids are being taught in church because it’s church. Older kids are harder to get in because they have some worldly experience and are more skeptical, and may question things.

            Sorry it’s kinda roundabout, but from what I understand as a newbie Atheist, I think that’s what Cagjr was getting at.

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          • Hello Angela. Ah I see. Well it is believed that religion also has to be carefully taught as well. See you say you were born Catholic, but that is not accurate. You were born into a family that seen themselves as Catholic and practiced a form of Christian religion. Yet had you been born in India it is likely you would be Hindu, and if you were born in Iran you would be of the Islamic faith. It is well proven most religious people are the religion of their parents and or the majority religion where they were born. It is also well studied that children of non-religious parents tend to not be religious themselves.
            This is why the Project Blitz and evangelical leaders are pushing so hard to get Christian stuff like in god we trust and mandatory prayers in schools. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. Yes it is sad that the ones taking advantage of this are the hyper religious and the ones that hate the most. It has long been long known how easy it is to indoctrinate children, yet it seems only the worst sides want to do it for the wrong reasons. Hugs

      “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

      ― Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle


    • Hello Angela. I am glad it gave you some enjoyment. Things are hard enough for you right now. Making things better or happier for the people, or informing people is why I do this. Now that the tRump terror is almost over I have been looking to play my Xboxes again. Hugs


  • Scottie, great song. Oscar Hammerstein wrote these words to sneak up on people in the Rogers and Hammerstein play “South Pacific.” He said they wanted to do a play on racism, but felt if they made the setting in the south pacific, it would get heeded more. This is a powerful song as when it is song live in a theater, it wakes the audience up. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I think it really is a powerful message. Plus the one that Jeff found for me I was looking for called Tomorrow belongs to me. It is scary to me that the tRump supporters want to bring that Nazism back and install it in our country. Hugs

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      • And then when they’re kicking back with their beer and cursing with smug superiority, only for things to not get better, how long will they sit on their asses as their “brave old world” disintegrates around them?

        I want to get a time machine and bring some European Theater WW2 vets from 1946 back with me to talk to these knuckleheads for an hour. I wonder if the outcome would be like the old joke “Three Nazis walk into a bar. They don’t get up.”

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. It is hard to believe how much the US has changed since the 1940’s. We were a education and science driving country moving forward to a better world for all or at least we claimed to be. Now we are a runaway capitalist country that denies science, interferes with education to teach religious myths, regressively installing bigotry into laws as we drive headlong into a theocracy.

          I blame equal parts greed of the wealthy and the need to have power over the way others live of religions. Hugs

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