2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme Roundup: Conceited tRump needs to concede, tRump lost the election.

  • Scottie, now that Barr, Trump’s AG, has said there is insufficient fraud to change the election outcome, maybe, just maybe, what will finally sink in is if people poke at his false bravado and tell him to “man up, you lost.” This lack of accountability has been a constant in the life of Donald J. Trump. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I think you forget how strong the need to grift is in tRump, not to mention his mental illness that lets him ignore reality if he doesn’t like it and to substitute it for his own.

      Plus sadly his cult is so entrenched now in tRump’s own glory that they must support him against all facts or lose status. Nan has talked about her own relatives who support tRump and still they can not disown him. It is a real problem for the country. Hugs


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