SD City Advances Opt-Out Mask Rule After Christians Recite Reasons Jesus Doesn’t Want Your Face Covered

Really?   Why have rules at all if you can opt out?   This is more of the religion can opt out of any laws they wish, religious people do not have to follow rules or laws because … Jesus.   God did not want you to cover your face?   He can see you through walls to watch you masterbate and have same gender sex for fuck sake!   But these same people will wear ski masks and other face coverings in the cold?   I am so tired of exceptions and allowances being made for the most stupid and unwilling to have responsibility for their actions people.    Hugs

The Rapid City Journal reports:

The Rapid City Council voted 9-1 on Monday night to move a mask-optional ordinance to a second reading with council member John Roberts voting no. The majority of the public attending the meeting did not wear masks despite a mask requirement while in city buildings. There were also three police officers present as well as Rapid City Police Chief Don Hedrick, who all wore masks.

After about three hours of public comment, council members approved Ordinance No. 6454. It will be heard once more for the second reading. If approved, it will go into immediate effect and last until Feb. 28, 2021. Instead of requiring the public to wear a mask in public indoor places where six feet of social distancing was not possible, businesses and other facilities that have an occupancy of 50 people or more will be able to opt out of the regulations.

Watch the below TikTok compilation for some of the reasons Jesus doesn’t want you to wear a mask. Really. The full meeting is surely more than you can endure, but it’s also below if you want to skip around for maximum crazy.



Anti-maskers in Rapid City, SD at a mask mandate meeting 11/30/20 – This is real life parks and rec lmao #covid19 #mask #parksandrec #politics

♬ original sound – Rae

There is a 4 hour video at the link above.   Way too much crazy for me to watch or repost.   Hugs


16 thoughts on “SD City Advances Opt-Out Mask Rule After Christians Recite Reasons Jesus Doesn’t Want Your Face Covered

  • & they know that Jesus doesn’t know that he doesn’t want people to have their faces covered HOW? He sent Angel Gabriel to say so? Or something?

    These people will say anything. & that’s not any kind of defense. That’s complete idiocy.

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    • Hello Polly. I agree, complete lunacy. As I have said before, if it is best for a surgeon to mask up to operate and it doesn’t affect them, it is OK for a christian to wear a mask out shopping. The argument is that God created their face and so it shouldn’t be covered. Well did not that same god create their butts? Shouldn’t they never be covered? Why is it OK to cover their face against the bitter cold of winter, but not when shopping in Target? These people simply make no sense. Hugs

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    • Hello Tengrain. Oh yes, it is the season isn’t it. The push for special Christian rights is in full power mode now. They not only demand you say “Merry Christmas” only but it must be followed by a “Hail tRump”. After all, every good Christian knows tRump is the reason for the season. tRump made it possible after the lefties with Obama took it away. Oh what a different loving country we are now under tRump as the carolers come to your house with their pistols strapped to their hips, their camo freshly pressed standing out against the snow, and their long guns glistening as they punctuate the songs with live rounds. Hugs

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  • Flagellation and self-immolation should break out soon.

    All that hypocrisy, backed by all that absolute nonsense, and they are not ashamed to do it in public. They just make this shit up as they go. Whatever new pronouncement they need god to make, they just go on and make it, because they know His Highness will comply. Why can they not just refuse the mask and be done with it. But no. They have to create a new commandment. It is so handy to have a god to hang ally our your problems on.

    Surely this is where all religion originated. Man needed an answer for some question and, voila, up pops god. It is the ‘gap theory’ noted by Richard Dawson and Carl Sagan: A God of the Gaps is assigned responsibility for what we do not yet understand. The Demon-Haunted World (p. 26) Dawson:

    This is where I remind everybody of The Blitz:

    What we are seeing is from their playbook. Everyone has their part to play, whether it is to deny medicine and science or to close down all public education. I could be called a wild-ass conspiracy freak except they put their plan on paper and made it available to the public.

    Project Blitz is a long-range plan to bring about a Theocracy in our time.
    This may be the scariest thing you see or hear about from the White-Right-Christian-Nationalist.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I have posted on Project Blitz. It is as bad as Alec. The Project Blitz people get local churches to support them and push it to the state legislators, the the lobbyist come in with money raised from the churches along with big money religious donors, and bang state laws are passed that favor Christianity. Are there many states that do not have in god we trust posting in schools laws? I know here in the south all the states have them. Got to hammer god is good to the kiddies.

      As for the god of the gaps argument, have you noticed that the gaps keep getting smaller and god has to retreat even further to find space in them? One thing is I have never heard of a scientific question solved with god did it, but I have heard many god questions answered with scientific solutions. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I think this is being pushed by churches afraid if they allow masks then they might get some kind of restriction on how many people can be in each service at a time, a restriction that would cut in to the donations. I can not think they people are that stupid without some guidance. I like your project Blitz thing as more likely than these people all being natural that dumb at the same time in the same place. It has to be church sponsored idiocy. Hugs


  • I wonder how those KKK hods worked out with God. A lot of those hoodies covered preachers, judges, and sheriffs, along with regular minions.


  • they wanna go the biblical route why face coverings shouldn’t be used? I want a city councilperson or other authority in there to determine who in the group can represent Jesus and what he wants–before anyone can go to the podium–by making them all stand up, and going down a list, telling the ones who got a tattoo, ate shellfish, got a divorce, committed adultery, stole a candy bar, coveted neighbor’s goods, etc. to sit down. Doubt a single person would be standing at the end, and then the counselor can just go “meeting adjourned” and it’s all over.
    Ooh, I’m liking that scene in my head.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I agree. far to much cherry picking for it to be the true word of god talking.

      Hey speaking of religion, here is what I just replied to Dylan, what do you think of my research? Hugs

      Lastly as I do not intend to belabor the point, the US did not begin as a very religious nation, but it has since gradually become more secularized. This simply is not true. Read the papers of the founding fathers. They feared religious organizations as much as political parties. The majority of them were deist.

      Deism refers to what can be called natural religion, the acceptance of a certain body of religious knowledge that is inborn in every person or that can be acquired by the use of reason and the rejection of religious knowledge when it is acquired through either revelation or the teaching of any church.

      This is not a position of the left or the Democrats, it is the truth of history. Just as wearing masks work to prevent the spread of Covid 19 the US was not founded as a religious or Christian nation. It is exstremely frustrating the amount of disinformation being promoted by evangelical religious groups and charlatans like David Barton. The major push of Christianity in the US began in the late 19th and early 20th century with the “Mainline Protestant” denominations promoting the “Social Gospel” in the early 20th century, calling on Americans to reform their society; the demand for prohibition of liquor was especially strong. After 1970, the mainline denominations (such as Methodists, Presbyterians and Episcopalians) lost membership and influence. The more conservative evangelical, fundamentalist, and charismatic denominations (such as the Southern Baptists) grew rapidly until the 1990s and helped form the Religious Right in politics. The nation had a Catholic population from its founding, and as it expanded into areas that had been part of the Spanish and French empires, that population increased substantially. Immigration from Catholic countries increased Catholic diversity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Catholic Church has been the largest religious organization in the United States since at least the turn of the twentieth century. As Western Europe secularized in the late 20th century, the Americans largely resisted the trend, so that by the 21st century the US was one of the most strongly Christian of all major nations.

      My reading shows there have been waves of religious revivalism in the US as early as its founding, but those waves waned and faded. So as you can see Dylan it is the opposite of what you believe. The US had gotten more religious than at its start, and the very secular nature of the constitution is threatened by the desire of some groups to create a fiction of the beginnings of our country to please their personal beliefs. Instead of a secular country tolerant of all religious worship as it was meant to be at the founding, there is a push to create the fiction of a religious country started to promote Christian principles on to the people.


      • Nice.
        Every time I hear someone say “This country was founded on the Judeo-Christian principle” I want them to explain it to me. I want them to tell me what that means (some fumble through it). But I really want to respond with “okay, which version?”
        The main reason I’ve abandoned religion altogether is that there are as many Christianities out there as there are Christians, because they all see things differently and even the most holier-than-thou have barely read their own book. My dad was a cultural Christian at best, and had a bible given to him by his mom. I don’t think he cracked that thing open my whole life. But he still considered himself a Christian. My mom went all over the map with hers, and you can’t contradict her. I couldn’t stand it (and it was part of our last “discussion” over the phone, which is why we haven’t talked in almost 6 months). Every Christian believes something different about their own God. Like the worst Rorschach ink blot test of all.

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  • I want to apologize to Scottie and everyone for that post on ‘The Blitz’. I did not mean that thing to open.
    Scottie, can you remove that post? Nobody wants to scroll through all that.

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