4 thoughts on “A Democratic President so now Republicans pretend to care about the deficit

    • Hello Polly. This time we must not let them pull this old trick, of pretending they care about the deficit when they just bloated it to give an unneeded tax cut to the wealthiest in the country. No we must not let them take from the poorest to please the wealthy. It is an outmoded idea that has been clearly shown to be a negative for the wellbeing of the country. Hugs


  • Predicted. Yet, what both sides fail to realize, the problem cannot be solved with tax increases or spending cuts, it will require both. Just picking one small issue – future Social Security funding. I have seen an exercise by Fix the Debt people where groups of people in small tables, armed with savings and revenue numbers for various changes, can come up with a solution for the that funding issue. When I have said that second sentence to people, it shut downs both Republicans and Democrats, but the truth is the math will not otherwise work. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. We have argued about this before. We do not need to cut any assistance to the lower incomes to fix social security. There are plenty of countries that have far greater social assistance programs including their versions of social security and if they can afford it, so can we. If we need to cut expenditures let’s start with cutting subsidies to corporations and cutting tax cuts to the wealthy that were granted when not needed. Why are the oil and gas industries still getting over 20 billion a year from the US government? The facts are the country did much better economically for everyone from the 1950’s to the 1970’s when the tax burden was paid by the wealthy and corporations best able to handle it. The history of this country shows that the middle class started to shrink and the economy started to get worse when the tax burden was shifted to the lower incomes who were least able to pay for it. An economy is the flow of money, people buying and people selling. If the people can not buy, then other people can not sell. No money flows, no economy. We need to get money into the hands of the lower incomes and keep supplying them with money so they can spend. Hugs


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