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  • Hello, Scottie. I was trying to stay out of the way while all those others posted their comments. Hahaha. I am so funny. Not.

    I think this subject should draw a good discussion. I know how the police used to treat blacks and all minorities. I know how they treated gay people. Among the charges for a black man found with a white woman or a white man found with a black woman would be ‘resisting arrest’.

    “Defund the police.” That didn’t sound good the first time someone said it into a camera. It has softened a little bit since we understand that people don’t really want to get rid of police service altogether. I don’t think that is what any of us want.

    But we have problems. As it would happen, I was just reading my mail and there was an article about police killing a black man who was apparently compromised. It happened about two years ago, but that is one of those things that just never heal.

    A black cop and a white cop show up at the scene where the victim had been calling in false fire reports. The fire department had already resolved the problem and all was quiet… until the police decide they might bust the victim for drugs. The white cop wound up shooting the victim twice.

    Was there racial prejudice involved? It’s hard to tell. But while I was reading the article and watching the security camera footage, I tried to remember the last time I saw or heard of a white person being shot by police responding to a call for help by concerned, and maybe exhausted, family members. I cannot recall one. And don’t think we don’t have any crazy white people. Let me tell you. We have 328+ million people, mostly white, but it is always Black, Latino, or Asian who make up the majority of civilians killed by police. Mostly black males of any age.

    White people are prone to point out how dangerous black men are. But look at this. It is mostly white people doing the killing. Now, who are the dangerous people? A scared person with a lethal weapon is one of the worse situations you can face. If that scared person happens to be a member of law enforcement confronting an inebriated or otherwise impaired person, unable to comply with shouted or screamed orders, bad things happen. The best thing to do in that situation is to keep those two elements apart.

    But sometimes it is more complicated. Sometimes we have white police officers who are very aggressive, who may think they are slave hunters and have to administer justice on the spot. Qualified immunity is the worst decision to ever be rendered. This is always on the officer’s mind; if push comes to shove, “I will be protected from prosecution.” Absolved of responsibility, an already aggressive and racist officer becomes a danger to society.

    We can help the police, and ourselves, by relieving the police force from some of the activity pointed out in the video and other places. Qualified immunity must be stopped and the power police unions hold over municipalities must be ended. As long as there is no chance of disciplinary action there is no chance of progress in controlling police behavior. Police officers should enjoy the same protections all of society enjoys, but they do not deserve absolute immunity.

    We are not free until everyone is free.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree with all you wrote. We have all been trying to get that message to those who seem to deliberately not want to hear it. Part of it is training in that police today are trained that every situation is their life in danger. That is a horrible way to train people, to think every situation, every call they go out on is a threat to their lives. Plus they are also trained like a military occupying force, demanding obedience is more important than deescalating a situation or working out a better solution. Police today demand instant respect and obedience and anything less is a threat to their power. This comes out much more clearly when these officers deal with POC vs White people. I was too tired to post it but there was a police department that was under fire for using a training program that was very racist and really set it up so the officers approached BLM protestors as an attacking force they needed to subdue. It trained the police to be on a war footing when dealing with any group they felt was the enemy including POC and any person who did not instantly obey them. You are correct we must all be equal under the law, or no one is. Hugs

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  • I was never comfortable with “defund the police” because you have to explain it. A Dump supporter who doesn’t want to look any further automatically assumes you want to abolish all police forces and functions, and it takes a lot of explaining what it means. I’ve seen too many knee-jerk reactions to that. Also, though it has been explained, these same unfortunate folks keep listening to a slogan-shouting Angry Orange who insists he’s the “law and order” president who backs the cops against those who want to defund. So they pick his side because he shouts longest and repeats that Dems want to do away with the police, playing into their fears.

    I kept thinking maybe “defang the police” would’ve been better (esp with a pic of a police dog strapped up in military surplus hardware and riot gear), or more accurately, “de-militarize the police”. But I guess it’s not as easy to spell or fit onto a placard. To me, it feels like a joke that went over someone’s head. if you have to deconstruct the joke to tell them why it was funny, the joke failed. If you have a slogan you have to spend a paragraph or more explaining and it gets questioned constantly, it’s probably best to pick a better one.

    Actually, this video reminds me of the fight against Obamacare, when folks on the street would be asked about the Affordable Care Act (and told about what was in it) and asked if it was a good idea. A lot of people said yes. Then people were asked about Obamacare and were all like “no way, we can’t have that” blah blah blah. The look on their faces when they were told it was the same exact thing, but Obamacare was the label slapped on it by Republicans in Congress who despised the president. it was the labeling, and even today people I know who hated Obama don’t believe the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. They just hated him so much they’d hate it on principle.

    Hopefully, Dems get their crap together and think hard about how to reach people while the Repubs keep writing their own rules, or we’re gonna get creamed in the midterms. They gotta talk to those that seem to despise them and walk them through how Dem policies would benefit their lives more, not try to talk at them and hope it sinks in.

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    • A lot of people leaving the military are grabbed up by police forces. They already are highly trained, a lot of them experienced in combat, or at least they are regimented to some degree. Now when they’re told those people in the streets are the enemy, that is how they react. But there has to be someone at the top of the organization making or allowing this situation to exist.

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      • Amazing how the motto for the police forces is “to protect and serve.”, but now I really want to ask them “protect what? serve what?” and see what answers come out. They’ve lost the message over the years. Communication and being a part of the community needs to be a priority. It’s gonna take an adjustment–a HUGE freaking adjustment and time–but when people know someone as a human being, they’re more likely to be helpful versus some faceless person that comes in and you don’t know if they’ll hurt or help you.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Well said. it is well understood that community police reduces crime and creates better cooperation between the police and the people. Right now the way it is, it seems more like the police are an occupying army and the people are prisoners to be controlled. Hugs

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I understand what you are saying, and to a point I agree. However at this point anyone who doesn’t understand defund the police is doing it deliberately because they do not want to understand what it means. By making an issue of the slogan they get to avoid addressing the issues.

      The slogan is an unfortunate choice of words, yet it was not made by a political party but by activists on the ground. They were not thinking of the political side of things, but how to express the need to get the police budget reduced so other assistance could be paid for.

      The president uses law and order because his people know it is code words for slapping down uppity black people. So those tRump cultists understand slogans, they just don’t want to admit that there is a problem with the police because the police are hurting the people they want hurt.

      The Republicans are far better at messaging than the Democrats that is for sure. Hugs

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      • “they just don’t want to admit that there is a problem with the police because the police are hurting the people they want hurt.” Damn Right.

        By now, they should know what Defund the Police really means, but choose not to. Willful ignorance/denial is a dangerous thing. I just remember when it first spread into widespread use–every Trump supporter I knew went automatically apeshit into “no police at all” thinking. That was the moment I knew there was NO explaining anything to these folks, because it was not gonna be listened to.

        It feels like an extension of the Christian persecution complex we’ve been seeing. The attitude, though, reminds me of a line that stuck with me in a Palestinian film that came out near 20 years ago when two characters were arguing over peaceful solutions and Israel. One said to the other “you can’t be a victim and an occupier at the same time.” The U.S. is by all accounts a Christian nation in the sense that everybody assumes you’re Christian unless you bother to specify otherwise. How these folks can run damn near everything in this country and STILL claim persecution drives me nuts.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Well said. Very well said. I am always suspicious of people that take a proposed idea and immediately ram it to them most ridiculous extremes. They are not trying to have a real discussion to understand things, but trying to make the idea seem unworkable or silly just to discredit it. Hugs

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