2 thoughts on “Same with maga people

  • And, that is it in a nutshell. Is it easier to believe there is a conspiracy which includes all of these Republican election officials, secs of state, judges, governors, AG, cybersecurity teams, federal election teams or is it is easier to believe a person known for lying is lying yet again. To these folks, the former is easier. All these people just don’t like Donald Trump. All of these people. One thing for certain is a conspiracy this large would be hard to keep a secret, don’t you think? Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree it would be hard to keep a secret, but more than that how would we get all those different groups and agendas to all be part of the conspiracy? To tell the truth it makes no sense and that is the part that bothers me about these people, their lack of reality. To me being so far removed from reality should be classified a mental illness. Hugs


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