10 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump + maga = losers

  • Scottie, these are funny, but my biggest chuckle was for Sessions buying Barr a drink. Barr is the latest Trump victim thrown under the bus, so I expect he will not last the week. Trump must serve kool-aid at his rallies, that numbs the drinker to the obvious. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I am not so sure. Barr has been good at blocking congress, and even a sycophant AG has to know the laws and how to be scuzzy with the ooze. If tRump does get rid of Barr now who would he replace him with that could block for tRump. On the other hand some like Rudy would do the investigations and arrest that tRump wants, so you may be correct. Hugs


        • Hello Jill. Boy do I understand that. I am having an issue getting to others blogs right now. I love reading them and commenting but I am having an issue with fatigue so can not be at the computers as much as I need. Hopefully that will soon get better and I can make the rounds again soon. Hugs

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          • I try and try, but it’s rare that I find the time to visit other people’s blogs, too, which is why I don’t pop over here more often. I want to, but … I think I’m getting slower as I get older. Sigh. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with fatigue lately. Is Ron still home? I have my fingers crossed for you to feel better and have more energy SOON! Miss you! Hugs

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            • Hello Jill. Yes Ron is still out of work. He is getting a lot done here at home. I know we need the money but I am glad he is not working right now. He was working the Open Heart ICU and with Covid filling the hospitals it was too scary. He will start getting social security in the middle of next year. That will be a big help. Hugs


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