7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about McConnell and fixing democracy….

  • Well done. Before Trump got to DC and showed how deceitful and corrupt an incumbent could be, McConnell and Harry Reid on the Dem side were the poster children for what is wrong with Washington. McConnell is still Machiavellian and dangerous, but Trump is cult leader, so his words are believed without question. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Very true. It stuns me people see that McConnell is refusing to help them, has refused publicly to do anything to help the state he represents, yet they voted him back in power by a 10 point margin. I do blame the Democratic establishment for always running a cooperate right leaning candidate who is basically Republican lite to run in these districts. Why have the lite version when you can have the real Republican if that is what you want. We have run these cooperate right leaning candidates for ever and lost these places for ever. Lets run a left leaning Democrat and see what happens. Try it once or twice, we are losing every time anyway. I am sick of this drift right, and then drift right some more by the Democratic party. Look at the Marijuana issue, everywhere there was a vote on legalizing some form of weed / pot / Marijuana it passed. The people want it. The old leaders taking big cooperate donations in congress don’t, but the people do. Biden said on the campaign trail he wouldn’t legalize it because he felt it needed more study. People have been using it for centuries. It is legal in other countries. These old people need to get out of the 1980’s just say no and forget Reefer Madness propaganda. Hugs


  • Those are some very good ideas. Now, let’s get the bill drafted and see how many sponsors we can get. I nominate Katie Porter and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to get the bill rolling.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Boy those two are spitfires for sure. I think people who find out Porter will be questing them get really cold feet. What I like is both women came from regular folk, not wealthy privileged families. Hugs


  • The more I see of Beau, the more I really, really like him and his ideas! These two ideas are spot-on! It is well past time that we are able to hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions, and high time they were reminded that THEY work for US, not the other way around. Thanks Scottie! Hugs

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    • Hello Jill. I agree and I hope more people can be convinced to start acting on these ideas that elected officials must respond to the electorate. Right now far too many of them think they are above the voters, not that they work for us. The congress is full overly wealthy millionaires and the leaders are no longer able to adjust or comprehend our times now. They want the comfort of what use to be, how it was 40 or 50 years ago when they owned the world in their prime. But now they are in their 80’s and the world is a much different place. Hugs

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      • Quite so … most of them were born into … if not wealth, then at least comfortable circumstances and cannot even begin to relate to those of us who live from payday-to-payday. And then came Citizens United, allowing corporations and lobbyists to donate obscene amounts of money, thus effectively buying themselves a senator or representative guaranteed to vote for policies that benefit them, not us. It’s time for things to change. Hugs

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