9 thoughts on “Matt Putz not welcome

  • Notice the group that is in the accompanying picture — young people. “I don’t know anyone that’s gotten sick so why should I worry?” “Hey … it only affects/kills old people.” “I’ll take my chances.”

    And statistics prove, they’re right. The age of those that die hovers in the 60-80 range. Of course the thing they ignore is that IF one of them gets infected, they are potentially spreading it to every person they come in contact with, some of whom may be in that 60-80 group.

    Of course, bottom line is this == few individuals in that age group care about anything but themselves. And sex.

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    • Hello Nan. Statically yes, reality not so much.

      The fact is that young healthy people are being hospitalized and dying from this virus, and so are children, but just not in the numbers that older people are. OK I grant that their risks and numbers are less. But how many of them sick and dying are acceptable? How many of their friends are they OK with losing? There is no college or school with out deaths from this virus, yet the young adults ignore that. It is playing Russian roulette, if played long enough someone will die. Are the young Republicans that stupid and unthinking these days? You don’t see these actions from the young Democrats? Are the Young Republican adults so desiring to be in a cult mind group think they accept what they know is a lie so easily? These are not all dumb people, some must know about germs, viruses, and why using precautions is important. At least I hope they do, I hope they are more than ignorant thugs. Hugs


      • I don’t deny that the virus is hitting young people, but as you said … “not in the numbers that older people are” … and therein lies the key. Even in my area, when the local newspaper prints a list of those who died (no names), the ages start around 60 and go up.

        Young people live for today. And, as I mentioned in my initial comment … sex. Certainly they’re concerned if a friend tests positive because then it hits home, but in the big picture, they’re just not worried. And IMO, there’s not a dividing line (in this age group) among Dems and Repugs. Those who lean Democrat may be a bit more cautious, but bottom line … they’re NOT going to sit home and vegetate if there’s a “pahty” going on.

        I’m older than you by a long shot, Scottie, and even I remember how it was …

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        • Hello Nan. Your older than Me? Are you sure, I feel pretty ancient these days. And I struggle to remember things some days more than I use to. 😀😁😃😉😉😍


  • The Doush.
    The young people are doing more circulating, they are less likely to die from it, so maybe they intend to kill off all us old people.
    I don’t understand where people got the notion that trying to protect themselves and others is a political issue.
    Well, with Trump and Gaetz as their guide, I’m not sure they are going far.

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    • Hello Cagjr. As I mentioned to Nan the idea they are immune is a myth and what they really are doing is playing Russian Roulette. Some of them or their friends will get sick, some of them will need to be hospitalized, and some of those will die. All will be affected in different ways and infect others around them. Hugs


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