2 thoughts on “Here’s @BillNye explaining masks for people who are STILL not getting it.

  • As many of us know, it’s not that the non-masker-wearers don’t “get it.” More accurately, they’re Trump supporters. Or it’s because no one they they know has been infected so it’s all just hype … numbers … scare tactics … bullshit … etc., etc. Take you pick.

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    • Hello Nan. I wouldn’t ever have thought a medical fact could be politicised like this. I know some people are stupid but even they can be made to see reason. But people who deny reality, deny facts just to please a person they won’t ever meet is something I do not understand. Never was one for cults.

      I am very tired. It is only 3:20 Pm and I am going to go to bed. I got up at about 12 hours ago and have been answering comments most of the day. Be well. Hugs

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