7 thoughts on “It is about power and money for them, not about what is best for you

  • Yes, everything has a financial edge. Churches exist in the temporal realm and have bills to pay. If there aren’t holding services, then there aren’t any donations, and the coffers dry up. The Pope’s blessing is valid on TV.

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    • Hello Nan. I am listening to a couple lawyers talk about that SCOTUS NY religious case and how they think it herolds a lot more scary pro-religion rulings. Again in that case the court disregarded the health reasons for the restrictions and ruled for religion peoples right to gather for any reason. One of the questions asked was if a governor had to call for an evacuation of an area could he make a church congregation evacuate and the lawyers said they did not think so under this ruling. It really does set church congregations up as above a governor’s public safety decrees. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I heard about this, but until now was ignoring it. It is like the other firebrands who spout entire nonsense I find it stunning anyone can listen to him, much less believe what he says.

      I noticed that he and his ilk do not have any fear of the Johnson amendment and losing their IRS tax exemption for interfering in elections. That has to change. This guy also doesn’t like democracy and feels violence in the name of his religious nationional dominion is very Christian. I think the DOJ needs to investigate these people for inciting violence. But then they will cry persecution and claim they are victims of Demon Democrats illegally violating their religious rights to float any bullshit they want to inspire in their followers to keep them in money and their religion in power. Hugs


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