2 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S LETTUCE

  • It would be nice if we could all just get back to NORML.
    We have a Fundamentalist Nationalist White Christian problem. They don’t like normal. They damn sure don’t like norml.org. There used to be a medicine called Laudanum which was over-the-counter pain medicine, a mixture of alcohol and opium. I don’t know if pharmacists are allowed to mix any of their own meds any longer. I don’t know if regulation is for the protection of the public or for tax revenue and Pharmaceuticals profit margin.

    Christianity of all religions seems to be the most confused and incomprehensible of them all. In spite of that, they and the capitalists run (ruin) our government. Christians openly work to defeat our constitution and end democratic government. They want a theocracy with a few white men dictating to the rest of society how we should live. Like the government in Iran with their Ayatollah at the top of the heap.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I enjoyed the website. Did not know it was there, thanks for the link. Part of the problem other than our senior legislatures not understanding the world today is corporate donations.

      Both big Pharma and the Alcohol industry do not want the competition of marijuana. They pay both the parties to keep it from becoming legal. The lower ranking congress people are using it, almost everyone is using it, so let us stop fucking up the lives of the poor and POC and just legalize it.

      I remember reading that coke a cola had cocaine in it, which was how it got so popular.

      Your ending comments on Christianity I totally agree with. Hugs


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