4 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Glaringly Obvious

    • Hello Nan. Oh yes, me also. I want the real US government back and then laws passed to make sure a demagogue can not ever do this again. BTW I just listened to German Chancellor Angela Merkel say if they did not close their Christmas markets they would have 590 deaths a day and that was unacceptable. At that point the leaders clapped for the closing, for the fact that 590 deaths a day was unacceptable. Compare that to the US where we are having a new record today of at least 3,011 new fatalities. More than 9/11. And we have armed gangs threatening the families of health officials. Hugs


      • And yet all that is “important” to our illustrious leader is “proving” he won the election. COVID-19 deaths? Pshaw! Who cares? Certainly not him!

        Reading Heather’s newsletter today was so depressing … as it has been for several days. If we don’t pull out of this mess, I have REAL concerns about this country.

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