2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump, Star Trek, and a galactic federation….

  • I can never think of things like this without turning to religion and giving them credit for our lack of knowledge. We don’t really know how long religion has been around and how much any of those religions have discouraged or outlawed education. Christianity is not the only branch to prohibit education to the masses. Since man has learned that religion is the perfect mechanism to control society, he has used it as a cudgel and as a reason to kill, it necessary, to prevent any serious resistance to the religious heads. It still is in practice today in certain religions.

    I’m thinking that St. Augustine issued the declaration that ‘curiosity is a sin.’ Curiosity leads to suspicion and skepticism. The one fact that is certain, religion cannot stand up to questioning. Open skepticism, truth, and facts are their kryptonite.

    I saw the news report of the Israeli scientist telling about the secret underground facilities on Mars. I laughed along with most of the rest of the world. I also laughed at the cartoon of the aliens avoiding contacting us. Of course, they would avoid us as long as possible.

    Now back to the church, in our case the Christian Dominionist. They are now in our schools, thanks to the Supreme Court and especially Thomas and Scalia who opened the door of the public schools for religious indoctrination. These Christians, the Fundamentalists, the nationalists, and the dominionists see public education as ‘the tool of Satan’, using science and mathematics to indoctrinate children in secularism and atheism.

    “Betsy DeVos came to the Department of Education with an abundance of contempt for the idea of public education and a near-total lack of experience in it, either as an educator or a parent.”

    Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers (p. 204). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    For those of us who feel we are behind in our development, consider where we will be if we allow our schools to be privatized and/or turned over to Christians who think they are preparing the world for the Second Advent of Christ.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes very well said. I am stunned about how dedicated and successful religion has been to degrade public education and to work their religious beliefs in to the classrooms. They are unrelenting. If they lose the keep trying, if they get a bit they push harder to gain even more of what they want. Those who want secular government are going to have to get as serious and work as forcefully to block the push to change the public schools into Christian schools lite. The other thing is where they have not managed to sabotage the public schools they have managed to get public money for religious schools. Hugs


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