6 thoughts on “Ohio Cop Kills Man Entering His Own Home

  • Well, I “listened” (read) about 2/3 of this and as expected, I was outraged that –once again– a black person is shot and killed because … well, just because.

    Has there been any other reporting offering a “reason” the deputy felt so threatened that he had to shoot to kill?!!?

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    • Hello Nan. Not that I have seen. He was carrying a deadly subways sub? I don’t know, but I listened to that early this morning like 4 AM, and it really got me down. I can not imagine being a person of color or having a child of color in this country. It must be terrifying all the time to wonder if a white cop is going to shoot you just for doing something you have a right to do. Hugs

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  • Jeebus Freakin Cribble!

    Is there no end to this crap? It feels like Groundhog Day. Another black guy shot and killed, the response from authorities is “yeah, sorry, nothing we can do?!”

    We live in a goddamn NAZI regime gussied up as a free country. There is no way, in an honest democracy, things like this should happen. Yet they do. Often. Way too often. This is not an isolated incident, this is jackboot thuggery backed by the system. Might as well have been the Nazi SS, rather than a sheriffs deputy, pulling the trigger.

    Absolutely no difference in the end result. At least we can ask questions, but where does that go? We can have demonstrations and marches. Where does that go? It just keeps getting buried by the bureaucracy. Gee what a fucking coincidence!

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    • Hello ShellDigger. Never mind my last reply asking if you seen this, I can see you have seen it and have strong feelings on it. As we should.

      I agree with your assessment, you are correct. I think the police for the most part have become power hungry gangs. They demand instant obedience, the worst crime is to disrespect one of them, that is normally a death sentence especially if black. The police have become an occupying army and the people are only to be controlled. Hardly a democracy of the people by the people. Hugs


  • I understand these officers were looking to arrest someone else and they couldn’t. So now they are all pissed off and now a Subway sandwich resembles a Glock .40 and black skin looks like a crime in progress.

    Until we get those white supremacists out of Congress and state governments, it is not going to change. These people have the same mindset as the slave owners and the church in 1863.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I also think that until police are held accountable for their actions personally and department wide nothing will change. Right now they simply shrug off any reprimand and shift the fines to the public. They are the power unto themselves and the people have no power to restrain them. Hugs

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