Raging Idaho Cultists Force End To Health Meeting

The Idaho Statesman reports:

Moments after a tearful Commissioner Diana Lachiondo left the virtual meeting to head to her house — where her son was home alone, and where anti-mask, anti-health-order protesters had reportedly gathered — CDH Director Russ Duke interrupted a doctor’s statements on the toll of the coronavirus to tell the board and people watching that Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee had requested that the meeting be ended for safety reasons.

Dr. Ted Epperly, another board member, said protesters gathered at his house as well. He told the Statesman that about 15 people were outside his home, “beating garbage cans and flashing strobe lights through my windows. Two came up and knocked on my door during the meeting.”

Read the full article.

More from the New York Daily News:

The anti-maskers gathered outside the public health building in downtown Boise and at commissioners’ houses around the city, according to a press release from Boise police.

The cops planned for a protest at the health building, but still believed “officers would not be able to maintain public order,” the press release said. Along with Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, they asked the commissioners to postpone the meeting.

The commissioners represent Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley counties. Ada is the most populous county in the state, with one-fourth Idaho’s population.


4 thoughts on “Raging Idaho Cultists Force End To Health Meeting

  • And THIS is the state that some nut-crackers want Oregon to become part of as a NEW state. It’s bad enough that much of So. Oregon leans stupid, but Idaho has us beat.

    Thank goodness for No. Oregon!

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    • Hello Nan. Seems clear that this is part of the gang mob rule now used as the form of government in the US. Where are these 2nd amendment types that swore to stand up to the government if … Oh shit they are part of the threatening gangs trying to stop legitimate attempts to save lives.

      I love the leans stupid comment, that is grand.

      Think of this, government officials had to stop a meeting because the local police claimed they couldn’t protect them and their children from gangs of thugs. That is some third world stuff. That is drug cartel in central America shit. I never thought I would see this in my country in my life time, and supported by one elected political party. This is serious. Hugs

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  • Peaceful protesters get tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag shot, and the nightstick treatment.

    Fucking morons with guns get what exactly?

    I’d be in serious trouble I guess when I greeted a crowd like that in my yard, for hilarity would ensue. By hilarity I mean someone is getting their ass kicked. Even if its me…

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    • Hello ShellDigger I understand. I would be joinging you in getting my asskicked. I guess it again is a sign of what the police have become under the Republican party and the authority gang mob boss president tRump. The police are as much a gang now as the Proud Boys and the right wing terrorist militias.

      I posted a day or so ago that a cop killed a black guy opening his door with a key because he felt the guy was a violent thug. Did I mention that the guy was black, had his back to the cop, was not told to stop by the cop, had his key out and in the door lock? For that he died in front of his 5 year old brother and his grandmother. Oh and he had a subway sub. The killed black guy I mean, not the killer cop. Hugs


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