8 thoughts on “Newsweek: Graham Admits GOP Is ‘Screwed’ if Loeffler, Perdue Don’t Win Ga. Runoffs

  • Scottie, it is indicative that the frivolous claims of voter fraud in Georgia is contradicted by beseeching people to get out and vote. If voter turnout is poor, they need only blame folks like Trump, Graham, Giuliani, and the many silent Senators. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. true, very true. Have you heard the latest on Georgia? Seems now that the Republicans want to change all the election laws to stop mail in voting because too many people, especially POC and non-Republicans, and the Republican party figures that is why they lost. We have agreed that it seems the current Republicans do not like democracy, people voting, and people having a say in what the government does. It seems when a party doesn’t want to let the people tell them what to do but prefers to tell the people what to accept they get less votes than the candidates willing to listen to the people.

      Now Keith isn’t true that some of the laws suites the Republicans have filed, including the SCOTUS one from Texas, is because they did not like the states changing their election laws so close, sometimes as close as a year and a half, before an election. Yet here they want to do it in Georgia a month before a runoff for the Senate?

      What do you think? Hugs


      • Scottie, as a former Republican, the party has been long known as voter restrictive, especially since the 2010 census. They used that and the mid terms to severely restrict voting from students, blacks and the elderly as well as gerrymander with surgical precision (note the Dems are not guiltless on gerrymandering). These were cookie cutter Jim Crow laws disguised as voter id laws. Trump has targeted the mail-in process for about eight months, so his sycophants are grasping at straws to diminish voting. The Trump Party has become the party of conspiracy, so nothing that is done will surprise. What surprises me as how many Republican legislators have sold their soul to support the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime. You might appreciate my post coming later this afternoon which has an interesting quote from GOP Senator Ben Sasse about Texas AG Ken Paxton. Keith

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  • I sincerely hope Graham is right and the GOP is screwed and for a long time to come by which time they might have learned how to behave and changed their policies to include fair play at the voting booths.

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    • Hello David. I hold out little hope the Republicans have learned anything at all. The people did not learn anything over the last four years as they voted these same Republicans back into office. Hugs

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