8 thoughts on “ABC News: Billionaire behind pardon effort pledged massive donation to Trump: Sources

  • Scottie, the outgoing president is reminding me of the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagovich, who went to jail for selling a Senate seat to the highest bidder. If I am not mistaken, that was not his only transgression. Of course, the current and outgoing president pardoned him too. Why is it Donald J. Trump likes corrupt people so much? If Gordon Gekko were real, he would pardon him too. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I had to look up the character. Yes he would pardon the guy if he or his friends still had money. tRump is totally transactional in everything, it all comes down to what is in it for him, how can he benefit from it. If no benefit to him, no reason for him to do it. tRump is the kind to hold an auction on if a prisoner dies, with the result being which side paid him the most.

      I wonder if these people, including the congress people who have gone to jail this year for insider trading / campaign finance illegalities still think that extra money gained was worth it? When does the honor of their name matter? Their reputation? How much are they worth? Hugs


  • The continuing saga of this CORRUPT outgoing president turns my stomach. I would like to think all this crap will be over in January of next year, but regrettably, I have strong doubts this will be the case. Trump love-love-loves the spotlight and he’ll do whatever it takes for it to remain on HIM.

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    • Nan, I did see where the NY district prosecutor is interviewing Deutsche Bank people. It is an old story, but Trump had a NY prosecutor fired early on as he was investigating Trump’s financials. This won’t surprise anyone, but Trump’s actual corruption may likely be far worse than has been made public. The Deutsche Bank story is one of corruption as well as flat out incompetence on the bank’s part, multiple times. My favorite story is after the CEO of Deutsche Bank ordered his bank NOT to lend any more money to Donald Trump, a part of the bank that wanted to do business with Trump, gave him a loan, to pay off another loan within the bank. Reread that sentence, but it is true. Keith

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      • Yes, I’ve read a bit on the Deutsche Bank saga. It sounds quite juicy if ever it is allowed to go the full gamut. But alas, this guy has wiggled his way out of so many less-than-lawful actions, I can’t hold my breath.

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      • Hello Keith. Ron explained to me the part of the Deutsche bank that gave tRump the loan you mention and keeps doing business with him is a loan broker. They don’t loan out money as a normal bank would do. Instead they are the agent that pairs someone with money they want to loan with someone who wants to borrow. In may cases this is so the person with the money to loan can stay secret. Say like a Russian oligarch who wanted to launder some illegally got state cash? Also I wonder how Justice Kennedy’s son who worked at Deutsche Bank on tRump’s loans and Kennedy’s sudden retirement right after tRump gets into office worked out? Hugs


    • Hello Nan. tRump did not work all this corruption alone. He had help and some of that help is still in their offices they held even after tRump has left. They will still cause trouble and fight any reforms or attempts to learn what really happened. And yes tRump will never go away until no one will listen to him anymore. Hugs

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