Not sure how long I will be on

Hello everyone, all you happy wonderful viewers.   Today has been a really bad day health wise for me.   I woke up at 2 AM and decided to get up.  It happens, no problem.   But I felt a bit nauseous.   That got worse and worse and as I was trying to do the morning roundup I had the symptoms heralding vomiting for me.    Sharp pain in the abdomen, drool or saliva in the mouth as I try to keep everything down, and waves of vertigo.   I got up and tried to walk through the kitchen to the bedroom.  Every step was a trial, a struggle to not vomit.   I opened the door to the bed room and Ron woke up realizing I was in trouble.   He helped me to bed.  This was about 7 AM.  I got up at 8 AM to finish the morning roundup.   I  got very tired, the fatigue I have been fighting plus nauseous again.   I went back to bed.   

I stayed in bed until afternoon.  Got up and took a shower.  I ate about 1:20 PM or so as I was getting things ready to get back on to the blog.  I am now having the symptoms again.  Very tired and very much feeling like I am going to vomit, with pain my abdomen and the other symptoms I mentioned.   I am going to try to stay here and get to the comments I love but if I disappear you will understand why.   Best wishes and much love.   Hugs

20 thoughts on “Not sure how long I will be on

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Thanks. I feel so weird. Twice this afternoon I was ready to go to bed, then it would clear up a bit and I would get some energy. I wish I knew or understood what was going on. This has been on and off for months now, and I don’t see the endocrinologist until February. At least my bed is comfortable and the cats let me have a part of it. 😀😃😋 Hugs

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    • Hello Cornelia. Thank you. I wish I knew what was causing it? Is it more than one thing just overlapping. That is what I think. I think I have some long term and some short term things hitting on and off making it hard to determine what is making me ill. Oh well I am lucky, I have a bed and some cats to share it with. They even let my husband share it sometimes. 😁😄😃😎 Hugs

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  • Of course I send healing wishes, Scottie … but at the same time, I really think this has gone on for too long and, in my humble opinion, I think you need to head to Urgent Care!

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    • Hello Nan. I was just saying to Cornelia I am wondering if this is both a long term problem and a short term problem overlapping. For example Ron thought I had an ulcer or like you something upsetting my stomach. He had narrowed it down to an ulcer instead of a hernia or blockage. And the solutions we were taking seemed to help a lot. No carbonated drinks and smaller meals, stopping eating before I feel full ( I dislike that when there is more good food on the plate I can tell you ) and not eating within an hour before bed, longer if possible. That was helping the stomach problem.

      The fatigue we were thinking it was my allergies as I am not getting my treatments, and in the past when not being treated that mimicked a constant cold. But the symptoms don’t quite fit. It could be animeia but my last blood work was not that bad. I have some other symptoms that we are waiting for the new endocrinologist to weigh in on. Like my fingernails are thin soft and breaking, unable to grow. I have too much calcium in my blood but my bones are not using it and are thinning again it seems. I have a couple other things that my primary wants to pass on to him.

      If I start to throw up a lot or vomit blood I will will contact my primary for emergency treatment.

      Have no fear Ron is watching my diet like a hawk. But thanks for being worried, it is nice to know you care. Hugs

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      • Of course I care! While we’ve never met in-person (and probably never will), I consider you a friend and, as such, your health and well-being is important to me. And I feel quite confident in saying I’m not the only one!

        Tell Ron I expect him to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re OK!!!

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        • Hello Nan. Yes it is nice to have you as a friend. I have been up and sick since 2 AM. Must be a stomach bug. I was describing it to Polly. Remember about 6 weeks ago I was awaken with bad intestinal pain? Well this happened again today. Two hours of bad intestinal pain, and I have had diarrhea on and off all day. Feel like I have an Alien critter or a large popcorn maker in my guts, while needing a sump pump. For two days now I am tired, cranky, and short tempered. Not getting much done here on the blog the last few days. Ron thinks I should be back in bed. He says I have a fever. I want to finish here first. Hugs

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          • I wish I had an answer. All I know is it doesn’t sound good and, personally, I think you need to consider medical attention. NOW! I do not think it’s a good idea to wait until February. If it’s related to finances, I have to ask … which is more important? Your health or maybe missing a payment?

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            • Hello Nan. You are a grand person. I do agree with you. I can not get into the endocrinologist any sooner, they simply have no openings. They are dealing with the fatigue and other side symptoms. The stomach bloating, abdominal pains, and the nausea are something my primary is supposed to handle, I think. He really doesn’t do much at all. When I had my last visit I told him about them. He asked if they continued and as at the time they had only happened twice, I said no. So if those continue or get worse I will be contacting the primary doctor and getting an appointment right away. I have to be sure it is not a bug, and I am watching for bleeding, from either … orifice. I just ate, pretty well for me. It is staying down so far. The nausea I had most of the morning seems to be gone.

              I am listening to you, as is Ron. But if I want the doctor to deal with this without brushing it off I have to make sure I have all the ducks in the row for him. Hugs

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    • Hello Polly. Thank you. I thought yesterday would be the worst. Today has been really bad. I woke up at 2 AM with intestinal cramps for the next two hours. On and off diarrhea. Very tired, have either Sigourney Weaver’s alien in my guts or a popcorn maker. I feel like I need a sump pump. My mouth is really dry and I am both tired and achy. Ron thinks I have come down with what he had last week, a stomach bug. When I reminded him I went through this 6 weeks ago and even talked to my doctor about it, he worries we are passing it back and forth. Hugs

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  • I’m gonna burn some incense for you and hope you feel better soon! Hopefully it’s just a bad time brought on by stress–which can be extremely damaging. Glad you have Ron there.

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    • Hello Paul. I think it is a couple things. I have some health issues to deal with, and yesterday I think I came down with a stomach bug. Not understanding this was not a continuation of other health problems I did not know how to address it. Ron thinks we are passing a stomach virus or something back and forth as he had this a few days last week. This too shall pass. Yes Ron is a godsend, he has been a great doctor and caregiver every since we met. Hugs

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      • Good to hear it’s nothing serious and I definitely understand your feelings. But Scottie, try to lower the stress level if you can. And believe me, I know that’s much easier said than done. I’m working on a post now that damn near makes my blood boil. Sigh. Goddamn Trump! But, the thing is even here in small town Decatur, the hospital has filled up. We are at capacity and I know damn well there are people coming down with COVID in the last few days. Morgan County is number one in Alabama right now. Why? Because these foolish Fox News disciples won’t wear a mask. The irony is so huge…tRump is killing off his own people.
        Well, please take care and take a few minutes before you go to bed to just sit still and relax. 🙂 As dear old Oscar Wilde said, “The best revenge is living well.”

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    • Hello ShellDigger. I have no choice but do so, I refuse to miss Biden throwing dumb donnie out of the White House. This morning though was nasty. I felt like I had the Alien creature in my guts with a popcorn popper. Plus I think I could have used a sump pump! 😀😃😄😉😉Hugs

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