Only real when it happens to them

8 thoughts on “Only real when it happens to them

  • Scottie, it is and has always been a fool’s errand to take Donald Trump at his word. He has created confusion on COVID-19 because he mislead folks from the get go, endangering people who did not know they were in danger. He has sowed seeds of confusion on the election by executing a fraud he staged for six months that the election was stolen from him. Apparently, he forgot to convince 49 out of 50 judges and folks doing the recounts that it was stolen.

    So, when you take the words of someone who is well documented as being untruthful, then do not be surprised when the truth bites you in the ass. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. It is sad though to read of the many stories of the sick and dying Covid patients who did believe tRump or the Republicans. To die with the words I thought this was a hoax on your lips is a horrible thing to happen. I am angry that so many of our elected officials think so little of the people they are to serve, to protect, and to keep safe. They are not elected to serve tRump, to make money, to create future wealth for themselves. They were elected to do their best for their constituents, which doesn’t mean being so afraid of tRump that they lie about a deadly virus. As far as I am concerned they have violated their oath of office. Hugs

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  • Have you heard/read anything about Rudy-baby? I haven’t seen anything for several days.

    I know it’s not nice to wish ill will on anyone, but dang! Some of these people make it VERY difficult to hold to this maxim.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes this morning I heard a few clips about and from him. He was bragging he got the very drug cocktail that tRump got, that he was given one of the experimental drugs that there are only 90+ doses total that most people will not have any chances to get, and when asked about the huge cost of his treatment that most couldn’t afford just blew it off. He claimed he felt years younger, well steroids will do that for you.

      I know how you feel about some people. Oh well I will never tell. Hugs

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      • Scottie, I took that same oath on 8/12/59 in Ashland Kentucky, before I was issued a uniform. It means the same as it did 61 years ago. Now we see politicians, some of whom are combat veterans, who have no respect for their oath. Party before all! Go figure.

        Therefore, I have no respect for them. Those Republicans who support Trump are rsponsible for the corona virus being as deadly as it is. Even with Trumps bungling, if that is what it is, the effects would have been a lot less without politics and religion helping it along. Now we see credulous people dying from the disease while calling it a hoax. This is the total contribution of politics and church.

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        • Hello Cagjr. I agree. I doubt without the cravenness of the politicians to cower before wealthy people / corporations things would have gotten this bad. You can see a steep decline in the country since Citizens United became laws and dark money entered the capitals all over the country. We are seeing the result today on the Covid relief that Moscow Mitch is refusing to allow a vote on anything that doesn’t protect his wealthy donors, that liability shield for 6 years. If business get one liability shield they will want one on other areas also. There goes OSHA and any protections for the workers.

          Some people say it is disinformation that broke the US, and I will post something on it soon. However if you look at the disinformation and who is pushing it you find wealthy people pushing an agenda. Then it takes on a life of its own. Hugs


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