2 thoughts on “Mike Lee doesn’t care for democracy, it gets in the way of his greed

  • Oh yes. Another of those wonderful patriots willing to dump democracy in exchange for …

    Christians, Republicans, Russians, and communists want to do away with it because it stands in the way of their ambitions. These Americans who promote the end of democracy absolutely know who their agenda agrees with. I hope American voters can remember them in 2022. Them and the holes who joined the Texas AG’s suit against other states elections.

    It is high time for the American electorate to wake up.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. I think it has to be our job to constantly remind the people who and what the Republicans are and have become. They must pay a price for being craven cowardly tRump toadies willing to destroy democracy for what every personal power and money they could get. Hugs


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