Republican Babies

Republicans are not the party of law and order. They’re not the party of family values. They’re not the party of patriots or even honest individuals. They’re the party of bullies, racists, sexists, and fascists. The GOP is now officially a cult.



How many more times will I be able to draw Trump Baby before the real Trump Baby leaves the White House…or his coup succeeds and I end up in a North Dakota gulag? Why North Dakota? Because it’s already a gulag.

106 House Republicans have signed onto a brief supporting the stupid and ridiculous lawsuit filed by Texas, demanding the Supreme Court invalidate the votes of over 20 million people and hand the presidency to Donald Trump. That’s more than the half the Republicans in Congress.

When representatives are sworn into Congress, they take an oath promising to protect the Constitution. So, how did we elect so many representatives so eager to break that oath?

When at least 18 state attorneys general across the nation and over 100 House Republicans demand that over 20 million votes be invalidated, that 20 million voters’ Constitutional rights be stripped from them, that 62…

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3 thoughts on “Republican Babies

  • Scottie, I posted this on Claytoonz’s blog. I will repeat it here.

    I sent this in to my newspaper this morning.

    “The Supreme Court has refused to hear its second case, this one from Texas, on the outgoing president’s attempts to undermine the election. He lost another case in Wisconsin the same day, making his and his supporters’ court record 1 win, 53 losses. He has also lost several recounts, two in Georgia. What he is doing was predicted and predictable, but he has had his chance and failed to prove any wide-scale voter fraud. It is time to move on Mr. Trump. Man-up and admit you lost. You lost because you got fewer votes than Mr. Biden did where it mattered and in total. Our democracy and people (many Republicans) have been endangered by your continuing conspiracy efforts.”

    After mentioning it to my wife, another pictorial hit my brain based on a friend who used to equate temper tantrums with what would happen to his daughter. He would say Donald Trump has his “dress over his head” which is like a girl getting her head stuck because she did not unbutton the dress and is throwing a fit. Using this analogy would unnerve Trump as it is accurate and equates him with a little girl which would throw his false bravado for a loop.


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