This is why the US has record number of deaths, notice highly religious and Republican

Dave Ramsey, who does not require masks at Ramsey Solutions and said he would like to "start a crusade" against them, has had more than 100 cases of COVID-19 at his 800-employee company.

They're planning a giant Christmas party.


Lopez said Ramsey Solutions leadership had decided it was not “a work from home employer.”

“Can we be a work from home employer for a short period of time?” he said on the Nov. 13 call. “We have proven for five weeks it works. Can we? Yes. Are we? No.”

Originally tweeted by Steve Cavendish (@scavendish) on December 11, 2020.

8 thoughts on “This is why the US has record number of deaths, notice highly religious and Republican

  • Scottie, irresponsible comes to mind. Breach of leadership trust does as well. I would find a new job as soon as possible. This employer cares more about making a public statement, wrongheaded as it is, than protecting his employees. If he cuts corners here, where else is he cutting corners? Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes he is a bad employer, an I bet he pushes religion also, especially his. Unfortunately employers have a lot of power right now, including making workers take the chance of illness or death. People are desperate for money. The Republicans in congress are refusing to help as big business wants people to be desperate and dependant on businesses, willing to take whatever a business will give them without complaint. It is a sick system. Hugs


      • Scottie, at its very simplest terms, if an employer won’t take efforts to keep his employees safe, then he views them as expenses not assets. People will leave when they can. Keith

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    • Hello Nan. With workers so desperate for money he can force them to do whatever he wants. Something seems off as most business seem to save money by letting workers work from home when possible, but he refuses to let his workers do so? I worry he feels he has the right to push his religion on to his workers and they do not dare push back. Hugs

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