4 thoughts on “An educated population helps everyone

  • Education is the best thing we can do to advance civilization. However, there are three elements of society that suffer adverse effects from an educated populace. Capitalism, religion, and oppressive governments.

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    • Hello Nan. I suspect it would go over their head. I need to learn more about this person to really understand who I am dealing with. Is it an indoctrinated person, a POE, an uneducated or mentally handicapped person? To many variables and mixed emotional symbols for me to determine just yet. I will be reaching out later in the week if I feel better. I am about to the end of my rope tonight and I have only been able to do much for two hours.

      Had to get out of bed today and help a lady here who lost her husband, the one with dementia I mentioned. The death stuff is all online and too confusing for her, and even the stuff she needs for the honor guard has to be scanned and emailed and she needs me to do it, understand it, keep it all in a way she can understand. Other wise I think I would have stayed in bed most of the day.

      Hope you are still feeling better. Hugs

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