12 thoughts on “And it’s name is tRump

  • Well said. Like many with wealth, Trump was born on third base and thought he hit a triple. Maybe his biggest lie is how he got his money. His lie is his father loaned him a $1 million. That may be the case, but he also was GIVEN $400 million plus tax free before his father passed.

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    • Hello Keith. The myths spread far and wide by the wealthy to make themselves and the good they do the country is enough fertilizer to fill the grand canyon. tRump has convinced his kids they are superior to other simply because they are tRump. Based on Donald’s greatness of course.


  • Trump will NEVER know how to relate to those who struggle financially … which is why it’s so mind-boggling that he has the endearing support of those who do. All I can figure is they think it will rub off on them.

    BTW, just a note re: my silence yesterday — I had a bad day. Not sure what was going on (maybe your ailments rubbed off on me!), but I had upper abdomen pains and ended up sleeping most all day. Feeling somewhat better today (at least I’m awake!), but still feeling really tired.

    Does all this sound famliar??!?

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    • Hello Nan. Wow, oh NO. It does sound similar. Were you nauseous as well? I am really glad you are feeling better.

      They say some poor people think of themselves as embarrassed millionaires, that they are one lotto ticket away from being wealthy. Fact is most are much closer to being homeless than ever being wealthy.

      Please keep me updated on how you are doing, I care. Hugs

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      • I am back to wellness. I didn’t feel all that great the next day, but the following, I was pretty much back to normal. Still had a bit of stomach pain (no nausea), but it’s since subsided. Very weird.

        I’ve never heard the term, “embarrassed millionaires.” Pretty funny.

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        • P.S. When I first signed on this AM, I noticed I did not have any blog-related emails. The hours went by and still nothing! I was beginning to think WordPress had put a curse on me for some reason. Then I wondered if aliens had kidnapped all my blogging friends. 👽

          Finally, I checked the Reader and it indicated “notifications” had been turned off. Have NO idea how that happened! Very, very strange. Anyway, all is back to normal now. Thank goodness!

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          • Hello Nan. 2020 has been a really whacked out weird year and WordPress has also been infected with gremlins this year. Last week I did a chat support over the blurb boxes that people like and happens when I post the link. Well they happen in the writing the post, but disappear in the posting of it. The tech could see the problem but did not know how to correct it. So they were going to get back to me. I may have missed it as I have not checked my mail in about a week. After Christmas I will follow up with them. But it almost seems that WordPress has started a program to sabotage the users randomly. Hugs

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            • It’s sad, really. After my somewhat brief investigation into other platforms, I didn’t find anything I liked better than WordPress (even with their HORRIBLE new Gutenberg!). However, if they don’t quit messing around with stuff in their efforts to “improve,” they’re going to lose users. They may not think that’s a big deal if they lose the “freebie” users, but once people start drifting away, I think they’ll lose credibility as well. JMO

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              • BTW, on the topic of using Gutenberg … the other day I –tried– to write a post with it but was unable to find anything that would allow me to use the “quote” feature. Looked all over … and nothing. Maybe it was staring me in the face (that’s happened to me before … 😛), but if so, it was “disguised.” I finally ended up saving the post and opening it with the wonderful, dependable, easy-to-use Classic Editor!

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                • Hello Nan. I always use the classic editor but I do it right from the block editor. Click the +, type c or cl, click on classic that puts the classic menu gray bar on the page. Click the gray bar gives you all the functions of the classic editor as it use to be. I have to as the memes / cartoons wont post with a copy and paste. The damn block editor just ignores it or requires you to select image and then that requires an URL. It is way time consuming. It is not made for us bloggers it is made for businesses with IT people and they can use their web pages to suck up data and other information analytics. Hugs

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                  • Yes, that will work. Thanks for the tip. However, for me, I prefer the “old look” so I’d rather do the steps I mentioned. I suppose someday I’ll have to give in to their techs, but no sooner than I have to!

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              • Hello Nan. I agree. I think they must have lost enough to feel hurt because they now put a how to get to the classic block blurb on the blank writing page after you clean your cookies. I really wanted to move and I still may, but right now I don’t have the energy. I have an open chat support I need to follow up this week. Lets see what they do. Hugs

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