6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Biden is the winner, tRump is the loser

  • Scottie, a German magazine voted Donald J. Trump “Loser of the Year.” What got lost in the latest SCOTUS refusal to hear a Trump election case because it lacked merit or standing, is he also lost two more Wisconsin cases, one on Friday and the other yesterday. I have lost count, but I think that is a court record of 1 win 54 losses. It may be slightly different, but the one win remains the same. If Trump were a baseball player, he would have been sent down to the minor leagues a while ago. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. A normal person would be mortified by this losing streak. A normal person would be ashamed by this and take it as a chastising. Not tRump, he glories in it as someone else’s fault. If I was told 60 times I was wrong, I would think I was wrong. tRump is told 60 times he is wrong and he thinks everyone else is wrong but not him. This ability to deny reality because of his wealth and position is what his cult followers really want for themselves in their lives. It is why they love tRump, he simply denies reality and makes his real. This time he can not do it. Will they back away from him for losing or pull closer to him because he is more like them now, because in their lives they lose to reality also? Hugs


        • Hello Keith. I have yet to watch it, is it worth the time? Of course tRump doesn’t listen. Anyone who is convinced he personally knows more than scientists, generals, people who studied a subject all their life, someone who feels his gut opinion is worth more than an education and that he is a “very stable genius” and “China is in awe of his very large a brain. is not going to listen to a nobody like the director of the FBI. That person, Comey, is an employee who should do as he is told is the thinking of tRump. Hugs


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