5 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse is not innocent.

  • Even the people defending him do not think he is innocent. The protesr did not come to Illinois, he went to Kenosha, Wi. armed for the purpose. He made bad trouble. He is part of the problem.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I think the kid had too much going against him and fell into this situation he was far too immature to handle. I am not saying he is innocent, he killed two people and seriously wounded another and needs to be punished.

      It seems from what I can find that Rittenhouse has learning problems and is socially a misfit. He is very immature. He left school at 15, a year before I thought it was legal to leave school. His father seems gone and the boy craves male attention which he seems to get by gyrating to authoritarian male organizations like police and militias. His mother is a militia believing right wing media spouting tRump believer. She is pictured with her own gun in camos, and she was at the protest also it seems armed but not with her son. She has been on right wing TV media spouting right wing talking points, and claims her son wouldn’t be in trouble if the protestors had simply stayed home! It is not his fault but theirs in her mind. I suspect she is a racist from what I have seen attributed to her.

      The boy first joined the police program for young kids but he left that and joined the local militia. He seemed like a puppy, eager to please and fit in.

      I do not have the solutions, two dead and their families destroyed, one whose life is messed up from his arm wound, and a boy who is facing long jail time which will not make him a better person. Hugs

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