8 thoughts on “New questions emerge about GOP Senator David Perdue’s financial dealings

    • Hello Cagjr. I think the reason that the government feels no pressure to help the public is most of them are multimillionaires. Remember when tRump shut down the government and United States Secretary of Commerce Wilber Ross went on TV to say he couldn’t understand why the workers were so upset, that they should just ask the bank for a loan or get the money from their families? After all it was such a short time frame. He is worth an estimated $860 million, so how could he understand?

      I think anyone who goes into elected office must / shall put all their investments and businesses in a blind trust. Not a joke like tRump did, but a real separation from their money. I bet a lot of these assholes wouldn’t run for office. Hugs

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    • Hello Shira. We have to get back to a government of the people for the people. Right now the wealthy think they are a ruling elite that laws and rules do not apply to. It seems most of the wealthiest ones look down on the common person. In fact it seems they want as poor and desperate a population as possible. Hugs

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      • Hi, Scottie:
        That would make sense, if they wanted a cheap servant class and reserve labor army, which has always been the Black community, but now we have smart homes and self-service check-outs: no more need for people to be servants, mostly.

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        • Hello Shira. Everything from a volunteer military to bad factory conditions to non benefit packages all depend on no unions and a desperate work force. Think of any job here in the US and compare it to the same job in Germany or France, int eh UK or any advanced country. The US worker loses. Fast food workers in Denmark make a minimum of $20 an hour in 2014. It is 2021 and the US is talking maybe a $15 dollar a hour minimum. Hugs

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            • Hello Shira. Yes the famous attack on the working people on both sides of the water. Now we know that austerity doesn’t work as an economic theory but is very punishing to the lower incomes while helping the upper incomes, of course. Now the Repugs are trying to champion it again, trying to force it on the nation. Bastards. Hugs

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