Some things I am pondering this morning


Killing democracy is GOP populism. Killing Constitutional norms is appeasing a spray-tanned, drug-addled, bargain basement crime family.


Kentucky wants to crash big cities as they suck from the social teet funded by big cities.


FOX viewers need puppets to protect them from reality. Safe space? Of course. They project all their worst characteristics onto their critics.

Tucker knows the script. Propagandists always do.

3 thoughts on “Some things I am pondering this morning

    • Hello Keith. You make a great point. Do you think shows should be labeled as news or opinion or other labels? Would it make a difference? Sadly there is a large part of the US population that can not judge things for themselves should get hints to help them understand when something is bullshit? Hugs


      • Scottie, I think they should. I think websites should be graded for veracity as well, but that would take an eternity and bad one would publish under a new name. Fox’s talking heads are opinion folks, unless they are reporting the news. And, some are very accurate. A survey done before the 2016 election noted Hannity was factual only 51% of the time and Limbaugh was factual only 20%. During the 2016 campaign, Trump was factual only 31% of the time, but that has likely declined. Keith

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