2 thoughts on “Stelter: This was Fox News’ biggest story last week

  • Trump recently named Newsmax and OAN two of his favorite outlets and put a little shade on Fox, so Fox is trying to show their fealty to their liege lord. I don’t know if there is a legitimate investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax reporting, but there are several into Trump’s tax reports as well as his activities with the banking industry. Hunter Biden’s tax returns are important, but Donald Trump’s are not worth a mention.

    A day or two ago Chris Wallace took on Steve Scalise for taking part in the Texas Election Suit/Debacle. Sheppard Smith used to do that once in a while until they finally moved him out. Maybe they allow that once in a while to maybe, gain a little credibility. The Murdochs will not allow much of that. Every authoritarian leader needs their propaganda machine. Trump has several and I don’t think Murdoch will allow these upstarts to topple Fox from the top of the hill.

    They were formerly a very right-wing outfit. Since the advent of Trump much, much more so. But grown-ups should be able to discern between news and propaganda. Stelter pointed out that Fox simply pumps the garbage out non stop and try to equate it to fresh produce. I understand their credulous audience in the maga-hat community.

    I think that all those GOP members of Congress who signed on with the suit to overturn the election are not such gullible folks. When they are willing to violate their oath of office and take obvious steps to subvert democracy, it points to much more than simply trying to stay in power. If these people are doing the will of their constituents, then we are much farther down the slope than I had thought. If they are not doing the will of the people, then the people have an obligation to call for proper representation. As it stands now, the taxpayers are paying these people to destroy the very constitution they are supposed to “protect and defend.”

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    • Hello Cagjr. I noticed how quickly the right wing media is combining the fake Hunter Biden Laptop scandal with the possible investigation in to Hunter Biden’s taxes. Hey any scandal in tribal politics will do right?

      I think old man Murdoch gave up control of Fox News to his two sons. One son was hardcore rights wing and the other was more moderate middle. Guess which one won full control? Yes the batshit full right wingnut one.

      I think there are many in the Republican party that would love a one party ruling system in the US as long as they were the party in control. I really do think they do not want a two party system, they want a system like China. Each one thinks they are one step away from the total power. I really think some of these cult republicans in congress would over turn the election for tRump if they could. They can enrich themselves much better under a corrupt tRump dictatorship then they can under a democracy. Hugs


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