9 thoughts on “The impact of misinformation on the United States in 2020

  • Scottie, what is most sad about all of this is the biggest purveyor of misinformation and disinformation is the outgoing US president. The “fan fiction” as conservative SE Cupp calls those who report the circular BS as journalism, will continue after this most deceitful and corrupt president in my lifetime leaves. But, I will not be required to read it to find any actual actionable truths. Trump will return to being just a blowhard. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Do you really think tRump will command as much air / media time after his term as he did during it? Some say he will try to run a shadow administration from Mar-a-Largo, what do you think? How much influence can tRump maintain? Hugs

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  • I’m hoping state and Federal prosecutors have enough charges waiting on him, that he will not be able to interfere with our government. But, the same big-money who put him in office will support him as long as he is doing their bidding. The same big money that supports the Christian Nationalist Churches.

    “In America, the church controls the State and Capital controls both Church and State. Capital finances religion and god sanctifies capital. The workingman is victimized by both god and gold. One destroys his brain and the other plunders his body.”
    —From Silver’s essay titled “God’s Place in Capitalism” (1926)

    This is the same formula that made slavery possible. This is the same formula that worked in 1226 and 726. The church delivers up the sheep on the altar of government and capitalism. The Sheldon Adelsons of the world have no allegiance to any country or any religion.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Great quote, I had not heard of it before. I love it. I am very tried and headed off to bed, but I wonder about the money behind tRump, wouldn’t they prefer him now to stay quiet? He has done the job they wanted, spewing chaos. Wouldn’t they now want him to slink away? Hugs


      • Trump will NEVER slink away! Period. He won’t be so in-your-face as he was as POTUS, but you can be assured he will make himself and his idiotic thoughts and ideas part of the news scene from now until (his) death do us part. When the lawsuits, etc. catch up with him, there’s little doubt he’ll make noise about how wronged he’s been. Poor, poor Donald Trump. sniff … sniff

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        • Hello Nan. You are correct. He is too convinced he is the greatest and his family are too superior to ever yield the limelight and give anyone else credit. Plus he never could recognize reality. Hugs

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  • The reason that the administration, the GOP, the propaganda mills, and their capitalist backers are so anxious to overturn the election is that they did not completely achieve their goal of ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’.

    Our constitutional democracy is contrary to capitalism, church, and plutocracy.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I have read that some wealthy capitalist’s have wanted to over turn the changes made by FDR so that we would return to a time when corporations were in charge, the government were limited in how much they could regulate businesses and workers were desperate enough to take what they could get. It is hard to get labor changes for a safe working place when workers are desperate and the bosses have all the power. Since the 1970’s there had been a real turning back of the clock as far as progressive gains for workers goes. Hugs


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