9 thoughts on “Both parties are not the same, stop both siderism, stop claiming the left needs to reach out to and accommodate the right. No way.

  • Scottie, I am sorry to push back, but if we want lasting change, there needs to be laws passed and agreements blessed by Congress. Governing by executive order lacks permanence and leaves our trading partners and allies in a lurch. What many fail to realize, without 60 Senate votes (to avoid a filibuster), laws cannot be passed unless they are shoved through the budget process. So, we need to work together to get stuff done. Otherwise, it is all posturing. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Never fear speaking your mind and opinion. Keith I agree we need our legislative leaders to actually do their jobs, and to be held accountable for doing their job. This crap of taking most of the year off and posturing instead of compromising has to stop. Since the electorate seems incapable of voting these jerks out of office other means must be employed.

      But you miss the point of both my title and the cartoon. The maga crowd to not want democracy nor do they want good government. They want their emotions massaged and to have their cult empowered. That is clear in their attempts to deny the vote of the people with no evidence of wrong doing. They want a religion with tRump as the dear leader preacher.

      As for the non-cult Republicans they clearly do not want democracy either. Republicans do not believe in compromise. Their idea of compromise is that they get everything they wanted and the Democrats apologize for not giving in sooner. Every time the Democrats try to meet the Republicans in the middle the Republicans then back away further and demand again the Democrats meet them again. I am tired of it.

      Biden claims he wants to work with the Republicans like in the 1980’s. but the Republicans have shown that even having a dinner with a Democrat is enough to get the Republican black balled by their caucus

      I heard Republicans scream that they won with tRump so get over it. I watched the first two years where the Republicans had both the House of Rep and the Senate, also the presidency. They ran rough shod over the Democrats. They never reached out to Democrats. They did not try to play fair.

      Now that the Democrats have a bit of power the Republicans demand that Democrats think of them, that the Democrats be nice, give the Republicans a say. The Republican’s demand everything of Democrats they denied to to Democrats when Republicans were in power.

      The parties do not act the same and TV hosts like Chuck Todd that constantly play the both sides do it schtick are making it harder to fight the problem. When maga now cry the Democrats are unfair we need to remind them that is the way they wanted it, and that they just voted in the same Republicans that were assholes and still are.

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  • Keith, I’m sorry, but do you mean the kind of working together we have observed in the past ten years? I’m have to push back just a little here.

    Now that there is a Democrat in the White House and very possibly a Democrat-controlled Senate there is suddenly a need for statesmanship and cooperative legislation. All those bills sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk should now be brought to the committees and maybe to the Senate floor for action? Is that the deal we are supposed to make? I don’t expect we will be seeing any statesmanship in the GOP any time soon, and if McConnell retains majority leader in the Senate, will you still promote compromise and teamwork?

    There has been zero pushback by the GOP as Trump has made us the laughing stock of the world, an unreliable ally, and an incompetent trading partner. They, the church, and capitalists have simply taken this opportunity to bring our democracy and our Union to near defeat. Please recall the kind of legislation passed by Republicans, if you can find any. Yes, well there was some tax legislation and umpteen efforts to destroy the ACA.

    Prior to Trump, they showed a little subtly in their assault on democracy, but now they shamelessly try to defeat a constitutionally mandated election in which no one has found any indication of irregularity. Lower courts and the Supreme Court have had to deal with one frivolous lawsuit after another. One Hundred GOP legislators placed their signature on the Texas AG’s bid for a presidential pardon. There has been no censure from the GOP leadership. These men and women leveled an assault against the constitution they are paid to protect. These people are still in office. This has been, to the Republican party, business as usual. Silence.

    Silence is complicity. Neither of our political parties should be expected to try to work with people who have shown their disdain for our Republic. The only connection they have to their constituents is the tax money which supports their attack on the taxpayers. What kind of legislators are these?

    It is not that the Democrats should now work with Republicans, but rather Republicans should work with Democrats. When Republicans say compromise, they mean “let’s do it the GOP way.”

    You have mentioned Executive Orders. Obama was not the first President to issue an executive order. He did the correct thing in going to Congress for authorization for military action. They refused, and then castigated him for their failure. He asked for legislation on immigration and they refused. Then when he took action, they castigated him for their legislative failure. I mention Obama because that is where the Republicans usually point to as the cause of their failure to legislate. The GOP does not know how to legislate.

    Cancer is hard enough to get rid of. If it goes ignored or untreated, it simply continues to spread.

    A democratically governed republic is a wonderful thing for civilization, but it requires continual attention to keep it functioning. There is a need for the observance of the rule of law. There s a continual need to exercise it. I think maybe Thomas Paine made the statement that “The right to vote is the right on which all other rights depend,” or words to that effect, and possibly someone else said it.

    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”


    “If our nation is ever taken over, it will be taken over from within.”

    James Madison

    As long as the Republican party works for the end of our democracy, there is no way for the people who promote democracy to work with them. That is a self-defeating proposition.

    How long will it take for the GOP to begin accusing Biden and the Democrat party for all the damage done in the past four years?

    I know. I have just quoted a slave owner and fellow Virginian, but there is something about the truth that the character of the speaker doesn’t change. We are a little more civilized some two hundred years later. But only a little. We still have the white supremacists and the Christian Nationalist Dominionist to deal with. Do you know? Those heavily armed white people roaming the streets with no resistance from law enforcement? Those people who openly commit and promote sedition? Who is in charge of those ‘militias?’

    Let’s work together. There is nothing wrong with that concept except it is hard to put into action.

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    • CAGJR, thanks for your well written retort. We should not emulate bad practices. And, we should not do things because the other side did it. We need these folks to work together better than they have. There is a good example of someone Dems would say did not do enough – former Speaker John Boehner, who I am not a huge fan of, but understand what he did on more than a few occasions. With Dems holding majority in the Senate before 2011 and Republicans doing the same in the House, when important matters came up, Boehner got enough Republicans to work with Dems to pass something the Dem Senate would pass. This ticked off the Freedom Caucus and eventually, Boehner retired before getting voted out. Mind you, he did not do something with the Senate passed immigration bill led by the Gang of Eight, which was a mistake, but he did get other things through.

      When Boehner was ousted, the bipartisanship sank with Paul Ryan not wanting to pass anything unless the GOP supported it. So, for the last several years, very little legislation has been passed relying on executive orders that get over turned with the next president. If we do this, other countries will be reluctant to go into deals with us, as they will get unwound. The best example I can think of occurred in Denmark which is below sea level. Climate change poses an existential threat to their existence. So, the parties came together to form a long range plan that had to survive new legislatures.

      Collaboration is hard work. That is why it is not done as well or as often as needed. But, it still is needed to gain long term buy in. At least that is what this independent voter thinks. Keith


      • Hello Keith. I disagree with your assumption. You seem to want the Democrats to unilaterally disarm without requiring the Republicans to give an inch. I can not accept that. If the Republicans want a seat at our table they need to be willing to earn it, not throw shit at everyone else at the table while demanding their own way.

        Keith you make our point for us with Speaker John Boehner. His own people couldn’t stand he was willing to do the right thing for the country while the party was willing to destroy the country to spite the black guy they hated. McConnell wont bring anything to the floor that the Republican majority doesn’t support no matter how badly the country needs it.

        Keith my point is not that we don’t need cooperation and our legislature to work together, it is you are talking to the wrong side about being cooperative. Your framing is wrong. It is not the Democrats that have been the ones blocking everything. I hate that shifting the blame. The Republicans have done this, and everyone needs to hang it on their necks and force them to change. I refuse to change everything I believe in and move right to hope these people care enough about the country to help people not die in the streets. The Republicans were able to work really quickly to help corporations and the stock market, yet have waited over 9 more months to help the people. Republicans have been the problem, they created the blockage, they need to change. Not the Democrats. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. Thank you for jumping in while I have been under the weather. Do you think we should be seating those congress people who claim the election that they won was fraudulent? Seems they are working against their own wins? Hugs


  • Scottie, thanks again. We cannot change the paradigm if we don’t try to do so. Is it changeable? Likely not, but if some people do not show how to govern, then none will ever learn and we will be this adversarial yo-yo. Right now, we are fighting over extremes, when most people would prefer to find a path forward. This is why I am an Independent. I want governance not posturing. I understand and respect both your points, but this is where I come down. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. No one is saying that there shouldn’t be good government practices or established rules. The idea is the Republicans change the rules every time power changes between parties. The framing that favors the Republican party as it is now is what I have an issue with. I was listening to Mitt Romney today and he admitted their was two different republican parties, the old one and what the party has become. He said things like decency and conservative principles the party use to hold to would take years to come back.

      This is a center to left country that the far right wants to rule over. And they know how to message their desires well to roil up the passions of their base. Their desire seems to turn the US into an ever unrestrained runaway capitalistic society with no safe guards or government services for the people. I have seen countries operated like that, for most of the people they are shitholes. For the ruling class and the wealthy they are a cash cow. I do not see why the Democrats need to help felicitate that scenario. Hugs

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