Seems correct to me, this is the fight we are facing

BeccaM • 2 hours ago

I guess by modern Republican standards, they don’t understand why President Obama didn’t do exactly that.

But the other angle is this: For decades now, Republicans nationally have had an unspoken policy, a core belief, that Democrats are not legitimate holders of power under any circumstances.

They tried to run Bill Clinton out of office by ginning up a whole series of phony scandals, from Troopergate to Whitewater to Monica. They used the courts to deny the popular vote winner and eventually determined to be winner of Florida the Presidency in 2000—not by demanding all the votes be counted, but only for certain votes to be counted. Obama? Birtherism. They wanted to deny he had any right to be President by falsely claiming he wasn’t really an American. And during the last 10-20 years, whenever Dems win governorships, gerrymandered GOP legislatures almost immediately move to strip them of the powers and authority their GOP predecessors had.

And now it’s this: After their candidate for President lost, exactly as expected, they simply reject democracy itself and seek to overturn the election and call for our system of government itself to be overthrown.

There needs to be consequences for this kind of behavior. Serious consequences.

8 thoughts on “Seems correct to me, this is the fight we are facing

  • I fully agree Scottie. A big worry for me is that Flynn and others are calling on Trump o use his executive powers to declare a state of emergency taking over the Government in the wake of his fake Election Fraud accusations. I doubt he has the full army after the insults he’s thrown their way bu could he have enough and with he

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        • Hello Nan. Sorry about that. Here is what it was. Hugs

          President Donald Trump is convinced he won the 2020 election and is now telling aides that he is considering not leaving the White House on January 20th, which is mandated by the Constitution since Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next president that day.

          On Erin Burnett Out Front, the CNN host reported that Trump appears to have flip-flopped on accepting the reality of his defeat and now adamantly believes a number of conspiracy theories that falsely claim he won the 2020 election.

          “Sources tell CNN that the president has pulled a 180, no longer privately, quote/unquote, ‘getting the joke,’ not that it was ever funny,” host Erin Burnett explained. “He used to privately accept the reality that he lost the election, but now, no. He’s now starting to believe his own lies, that the election was stolen.”

          “He now believes that, so much so, that Trump has told some advisers that he may not leave the White House on Inauguration Day,” she added.

          In fact, there is no legal scenario in which Trump remains in office, or in residence in the White House, beyond January 20th, as Biden has won the Electoral College after all 50 states and the District of Columbia certified their votes. Entering or remaining in any restricted building violates 18 US Code § 1752, which recommends a punishment of a fine or imprisonment of up to one year.

          However, even with Trump’s inner circle, there is a recognition that Trump’s rantings about the election are effectively meaningless at this point.

          “One adviser telling CNN, quote, ‘He’s throwing a f*cking temper tantrum. He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out,’” Burnett reported. “Okay. That description is the behavior of a person not right in the mind. Let’s just say it is like it is. Temper tantrums, lashing out, talking about not leaving the White House. Trump is not 4, right? He’s 74. And despite his increasingly deranged delusions, he’s still has the power to instill fear and sycophancy in others.”

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    • Hello David. tRump at this point wont be able to oust the legal government with the military. However the Republicans learn with each with each step over the line that tRump took / takes. You take the eager thugs in back ground who support tRump and egg him on, such as Tom Cotton, who argued that the military should be called out to shoot unarmed peaceful protesters using their constitutional rights to protest. Tom Cotton would be a real dictator. He is as self centered and ruthless as tRump, feels laws and rules do not apply to him like tRump, but is far smarter than tRump. These Republicans are the real threat. They now have a road map on how to do it. That is why the Jim Jordan types are still throwing insults and creating complete chaos. Hugs

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