NBC News: They make millions by operating youth facilities. But children allege rampant abuse.

They make millions by operating youth facilities. But children allege rampant abuse.
Sequel Youth & Family Services collected hundreds of millions in tax dollars to care for vulnerable children, despite abuse and negligence allegations.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/AuORAjpNWTgWCQi0TgPu02g

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9 thoughts on “NBC News: They make millions by operating youth facilities. But children allege rampant abuse.

  • This is the typical result of privatization. Profits are the major interest so the cost of care and housing always goes up while the quality of care is severely compromised. This applies to prisons and placement of illegal aliens housed in the U. S. There is a constant cry from Republicans, I cannot call them ‘conservative’ any longer, to privatize every department or agency of the government offering public services. They point out the expense of government operations and promise great savings and better management under private for-profit services.

    A couple of years ago the news media was doing investigations in this industry and highlighting the school to jail practices in several states. It is a lucrative business if you can ignore what is happening to the victims. The taxpayers build your facilities and pay you to mistreat the inmates, from children in cages to grown men in prisons, barely surviving in your facilities. You hire the least qualified people at the lowest possible wages. Plus, you don’t have to respond to public concern and the state just may protect you from any accountability.

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    • Hello Cagjr. What you say is very true. I had not even thought of the school to jail pipeline, I had thought it was being fixed? Should have known it was not in the time of tRump. The entire prison system including the cops in schools harms minorities far more than whites. So raciest love it. If some lower class whites get caught up so what. The jails can make the prisoners work for pennies and the prison or other company makes a profit.

      Republicans care only about power and money. Power is how they get money. The big money donors want to drain every last cent for their profit and humans are just the animals that make them those cents. People are to be used and discarded in favor of newer workers to use up. So Republicans make it happen as fast as possible for the wealthy donors.

      Government shouldn’t ever be asked to make a profit nor are some tasks to be don’t the cheapest possible. I notice that the same ideas that the Republicans use on public health and welfare are not also applied on the defense contractors and defense budget. Hugs


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