I am so angry at Religious assholes


Sorry I have been gone for so long.   I really hope to be back tomorrow or Sunday.   I have just been so tired and sleeping so much I have not been at the computers that much.  Any time I have been up I have been trying to help Ron bake / create the cookies and Ice cream for the kids.   I am the real one in the house that does that, but I have been getting out of bed and setting things up, then going back to bed between batches, leaving Ron to do all the real work.  ( ever have a muscle spasm in your butt that makes it so you can not even sit on the toilet )  It will work out, Ron loved the three different batches of cookies, especially the snickerdoodles I made up and he helped me bake.  

As I was finishing this up to go to bed, a truck pulling a wagon badly made up like a sleigh came up the road with a sound system blaring music and the people in the wagon singing Christian Christmas carols.   They had been by us twice today during the day.  But this time they pissed me off.  Now it was after dark, after 7 PM, and their loud system volume was enough to drowned out our TV and my computer speaker in front of me.  It pissed me off!  If I could have gotten out side I would have confronted them.   I did get to the window and with the lights behind me so they could clearly see me I gave them the finger.  Yes I proudly gave the the single finger salute, the middle finger bird.   The assholes took that as a thank you, as a praise as they sang out “Praise Jesus merry Christmas” as they passed my house looking right at me.  

Ron had to talk me down and hold me back I was so angry.   I had my cane in my hand and was headed out the door.   I was so angry.  How arrogant of them, how un-caring of any of the other people living in this park.  They moved in this last summer when all the prices were and still are so badly depressed.  They got a really nice house  on a great lot and now it seems they think they can use that to push their religion on the rest of us.  

Ron is trying to calm me down so I don’t go out and start some thing.  But I really am upset and pissed off.   What would these assholes have done had I gone around the neighborhood blasting Hindu music or Islamic music at a volume that drowned out their TV’s?   As they passed in front of my house blasting their bad singing of a Christmas carol seeing my well lighted finger to their asshole behavior one of the women took to the microphone to wish  me a merry Christmas in the name of their lord and savior.   Oh how they must have felt that made everything OK now that they praised Jesus in front of my home where I was clearly upset with their actions.  

I can see this is going to be a great new year with a bunch of Christian tRump loving  assholes trying to push their way on everyone.  I guess I need to have Ron put a bench put in front of the house so I can sit there and yell at the assholes who drive by.   Hugs

15 thoughts on “I am so angry at Religious assholes

  • Oh Scottie! I’m sorry but I had to laugh! It was so absolutely awful, there was nothing else I could do. Maybe rather than a bench, you could set out some loudspeakers and play that Hindu and/or Islamic music you mentioned!

    Hang in there!

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    • Hello Nan. Looking back I can agree with you. My anger and frustration meant nothing to them. It was a waste of my time and energy. But the idea that they have the right to interfere with everyone else to blast their music at such a volume is infuriating. I am glad you got a chuckle as it is like the old man yells at clouds meme I see all the time. It would have done that little good to confront them. Privilege assumed, privilege taken? Hugs


  • Thank you, Scottie, for the ‘toons and the rant. (I hope you sent Ron out for some chill pills.)

    The Christian community has had so many different reactions to the hoax, flu, God sent virus. They have called it God’s will and then cast it into the ‘pits of hell.’ God sent it to punish the sins of America, though it’s worldwide. But innocent children and Christians are dying from it. Whatever messages God has sent, it has been different for all the preachers. Jim Bakker is/was selling Silver Solution and Kenneth Copeland is blowing on the TV camera lens. But the virus rages on. As of this evening 315,769 deaths from the virus. Their snake-oil, their halitosis, and their God have proven as impotent as they are ignorant.

    Oh yes. A rapture would be a fine solution. But, well, it ain’t gonna happen, like prayer isn’t going to cure the covid-19 virus. A good vaccine and a good dose of common sense are the best things we have that the virus will respond to.

    Have you got your blood pressure down yet? Try to be a little more patient. Religion is a disease of the mind, hard to cure, widespread, and very contagious. Self-deceit and self-righteousness is a bad combination. I still have scars. Education is the only known cure.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yup took the chili pill. Our son came over yesterday and we had a good visit with him. His girlfriend was doing OT so she couldn’t come over. You mention some of the deceit around the religious leader loud mouths have made, their cures and calling on the name of their super powerful deity to make it go away. Now that they have been proven wrong and their god / them powerless against the virus do we hear any apologies? Any admitting the truth? Or is it just more god wants you to send me more money before he takes it away? Hugs

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  • Scottie, my friend. Don’t cede your power to anyone, but especially folks who are not prepared to listen. This is easier said than done, especially in these days and times, but if you don’t take offense, you are not offended. I will remind myself of that quote when I start cursing at the latest OP episode. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree that letting others anger you is not smart and it makes you tend to make a mistake. However the disregard for others, the assumed privilege of these people irritates me to no end. It wouldn’t matter what they were blasting at that volume, it is the volume that offended me. That they couldn’t see that means they either were deaf or they did not care and wanted to make sure people blocks away could hear them clearly. That disregard for others is something that seems to be spreading across our country. It is a mind set that has to be rejected. Hugs


  • I just looked up megaphones, they are surprisingly cheap 😉

    I get muscle spasms in my back. I can relate to the agony of bathroom necessities. Sometimes those spasms last for weeks. It’s a mofo dealing with them. Excrutiating pain no matter which way you turn, no place to hide. I know your pain man.

    Condescending asshole religiots. I’d rather have muscle spasms…

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  • Bah Humbug! Scottie, I got this mental image of you rushing out there with cane in hand, wearing your pajamas….and I can only imagine what those would have been!…to shake your fist and demand these people get off your lawn!
    Oh My Wonderful Brother, I can only sympathize and chuckle at the same time. Since you are up so early, perhaps a nice thing would be to go wish them a beautiful good morning at wall shaking decibles?
    I love you brother. Have a great holiday.

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    • Hello Randy. Yes I can see myself as the old guy yells at clouds meme. 😀😁😄😃 I would do what you suggest if I could keep it just to the assholes, and not wake the entire neighborhood. To tell the truth Ron and I were rather surprised I had the energy to react as I did, as tired as I have been lately. I am struggling to stay awake right now. I guess I will go take a nap after this. You have a great holiday also, I am sure I will talk to you again before then. Hugs


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