2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about a gift to Democrats and messaging….

  • Scottie, he speaks the truth. Adding to this is the greatest threat to national security is the current and outgoing president. No other comes close. He is torching our democracy because his fragile ego cannot stand to lose, he continues to treat COVID-19 as if it is an inconvenience, and he has harmed out relationships and global standing. Furthering these points, our country has lost respect as our reputation tumbles. And, the Republican sycophants have looked the other way or cheered it on. As I often say, I do not mind people being more conservative than me, but I do mind people who do not recognize facts and misinformation. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. On Covid I was reading this week that the leaders of Congress and the White House wanted the workers to get the virus and it did not matter to them the deaths, costs in health or healthcare for the people who were sick, or even that the science was not there for herd immunity. The idea is that the upper-class wont be effected or get the virus and if they do then they can afford the best care. But what they want is the money to flow and the economy to earn the wealthy their cut and the state and federal government their tax cut. Basically the senior Republicans and their think tanks wanted everyone to ignore the Covid virus and to return to the way life was before. A total two class system. They did not see a problem with it and tRump loved it. He is over Covid, refuses to hear anything about, and punishes anyone of the staff that tries to wear a mask or social distance. What do you think? Hugs

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