Sidney Powell was in Oval Office last night as POTUS discussed making her special counsel for election fraud.

SCOOP – Sidney Powell was in Oval Office last night as POTUS discussed making her special counsel for election fraud. @KannoYoungs and me

Among those pushing back on the idea was Pat Cipollone, Meadows and even Giuliani. But Giuliani separately pushed DHS this week to seize control of voting machines to examine them for possible fraud. DHS said it has no authority to do that.

The meeting got raucous, with various administration members drifting in and out and different people arguing. Powell told others they were quitters, people people briefed on the meeting

The fact of the meeting – and Giuliani hope of seizing the voting machines – has alarmed some of the president's advisers, who see his desire to take his refusal to accept the election results as in a dangerous new place

Meadows and Cipollone strenuously and repeatedly objected to these suggestions, saying there was no constitutional basis, according to the people briefed.

One person floated an executive order to seize the voting machines. That was also shot down by Cipollone, per the people briefed.

Adding to the story but two people briefed said Flynn was there as well for this meeting.

Originally tweeted by Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) on December 19, 2020.

32 thoughts on “Sidney Powell was in Oval Office last night as POTUS discussed making her special counsel for election fraud.

  • What a deal?! The cult thickens. The White House has been turned into a loony bin! Oh, Merry Christmas. I have no qualms in using the phrase and I think you probably don’t either. After all, it is the spirit that counts. Cheers. GROG

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    • And a Happy Winter Solstice to all.
      I still call out certain phrases, like when I hit thumb instead of the nail. I mean, I gotta blame somebody, right?
      Just don’t come around on Ishtar. OK? Cancer got my prostate and I just don’t believe in a resurrection.

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      • Hello Cagjr. I had to look her up. Wow. An ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice and political power. She had all her bases covered. Why couldn’t I have been in a country with the cool fun religions? Instead I get the descendants of puritans who thought it would be awesome to make religion even less enjoyable. Hugs

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        • She was the epitome of fertility, with her rows of breasts and wide hips. I think she was Sumerian. Whatever, I agree. They knew how to create their Gods and Goddesses back then. To think that Christianity took all those pagan rituals, took out all the joy and pleasure, and replaced them with their hatred and blood-letting and pretend piety.

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          • Hello Cagjr. When you think of it, Christianity is really a joyless death cult based on fear of the deity and of Gods punishments. Especially when compared to some of the other religions of the time which had parties, orgies, and fun celebrations. Hugs


    • Hello Grogalot. I think the plot has become rancid. I think Barr is being forced out so that tRump can get a sycophant to appoint the investigations he wants and other possibly illegal acts. I think there is a diehard group that wants total chaos because that serves Putin. Remember Flynn was at the same Putin dinner that Jill Stein was, and Flynn like Tulsi Gabbard is not only vocally supportive of Putin but suspected of taking money from Putin cronies.

      As for Merry Christmas I respond in the spirit it is offered. I wish you and yours to have an enjoyable and happy Christmas also. In fact make it a grand week lasting into the start of a wonderful New Year. Hugs

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    • But also a bit SCARY since on more than one occasion tRumpsky has gotten his way — even when numerous sources were ringing alarm bells all over the place and saying it can’t be done.

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      • I’d like to add … isn’t if PAST time for this three-ring circus to take down the tents and move on? I’m really, really getting tired of all the “new acts.” Besides the fact they aren’t even entertaining.

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      • Hello Nan. I agree. I keep reading that he has no authority under the law to do it, but then as you say he seems to grant himself what ever authority he wants. There is a reason he is pushing Barr out so close to the end of his term, he wants a flunky that will do as he says in appoint special councils and starting investigations. I think after Christmas between New Years is going to be batshit crazy. Hugs

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    • Stewart Rhodes calls for blody war if Trump doesn’t eake action. Calls all ‘militias’ to action, as though those people have any authority more than pure brute stupid.

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        • Believe me, that is not on my reading list. I think that was in my email from Friendly Atheist or possibly FFRF. I share those thing if they seem pertinant or sometimes just in light of the fact that the right-wing nut cases are always accusing everyone else of hate speech.

          It was the first and last time I will nmention something like that. I am cancer free for four years, thank you. It was not a sympathy call. I was making a bad joke about raising the dead. It didn’t work out well at all.

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          • PHEW! You had me a bit worried. Glad that it’s in remission … and hope it stays there! As for your play on words … don’t feel bad. It often falls flat for me too.

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      • Hello Cagjr. Yes I read several groups want tRump to lead them as a war time president. They have drank their own Kool Aid. Think of how it would have to go down. In their minds most of the cops will throw out their badges and join them in doing what? Taking over a few city halls? A state legislature? But most police are heavily invested in really great pension plans, they are not going to throw them away to cosplay a game that they can not win. Same with things at a federal level. No way they gain support enough that people would get kicked out of congress, off federal benches, and out of military service. So they may get a small couple days of news coverage before they surrender and find new homes in jails. But what does worry me is the lone wolves that may see the call to arms to start shooting up what they think are bastions of liberal thought, like that racist shot up a Walmart killing all those people. I suspect there will be a few of those type actions. Maybe even ten of them around the country. They will be attacks on the powerless that have no defenses and no idea an attack is coming. Look at the recent attack by a mob of anti-maskers on a Target. Think of a few of those nut jobs maga thumpers with AR15’s. Hugs

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        • I don’t think Trump and his minions have the kind of power they would need for a coup. Even with his sycophants in the Pentagon. No way are those Generals going to allow that to happen.

          The really dangerous part is that our system had these areas of weakness, we had not considered. A Senate becoming the enabler of someone like Trump is contrary to our checks and balance mechanisms. But, James Madison said thayt in such times as this, we would need to revisit the Constitution and write our laws to reflect the changes in society.

          I don’t know that we would be able to survive another administration like this one, even with a four-year pause in between. So far, the constitution has done what it is supposed to do. But look at the fact that those GOP legislators who called for an act of sedition are still in office. There has been no calls from their leadership for so much as censoring them.

          This is not simply another Tea Party. There is a lot of money and support coming from very wealthy barons of industry and finance pumping money into the effort. There is a powerful religious element who lead the charge for doing away with democratic government. Then there are the Russians who have donated nicely to McConnell and others. You can be sure that Putin expects a return on his investment.

          So far, we have withstood the assault. I’m hoping that the Biden administration will be able to restore the Justice Departmenr, the FBI, and the CIA to freely functioning entities. Just because some of these investigations are out of sight just now does not mean they are not going on. Barr is now running scared.

          It takes some hard work and diligence to keep a democracy running.

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          • Hello Cagjr. Everything is true, except I am not sure how well the constitution held up. But you are correct that if someone smarter than tRump tries this, we are sunk. Someone like Tom Cotton who is a racist fascist and looking to run for president in 2024.

            I doubt how good it will be for Biden to rebuild the government departments if another fascist takes over. What we really need is laws with teeth in them to prevent the actions tRump and Republicans took. Every thing that was a problem needs to be addressed and real laws made to correct. Things like subpoenas need to be fixed also and it made clear that if congress subpoenas someone they are to show up no questions about it. Hugs


  • Scottie, I read this as well. The story of Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn advising the outgoing president sounds like a set-up to a bad joke. Four people who actually should be on trial for fraud, now and earlier, throwing fraud ideas against the wall to see what sticks. Fortunately, people who remember their oaths and have a conscience argued them down. But, it is only December 20, so anything is likely with this very sad group supporting the person acting like a petulant boy king. The Senate needs to prepare for the worst of actions, as the person acting like a petulant boy king will do most anything to avoid losing. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Well said. tRump has all his life managed to change his reality by just demanding it change to suit him. Now people are saying he believes his own lies and is sure now he really won and it is being stolen from him. Amendment 22 time I think.

      The worst people are advising tRump but they have the upper hand as tRump is no longer listening to his normal advisers. He is even getting rid of those in the way of his getting what he wants. Barr is done and I bet that as soon as tRump gets his sycophant as AG he will start investigations of Hunter Biden and the election. We have already seen the hand picked civilian leaders of the Military stop cooperating with the transition team. This is on the start I fear. Hugs


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