OK Moscow



For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing cartoons from my conservative MAGAt colleagues blaming Nancy Pelosi for there not being a covid stimulus relief bill yet. They claim she played politics and wouldn’t allow one until after the election, all in order to hurt Donald Trump. This must be what they’re talking about on Fox News because I haven’t seen this from the genuine news outlets. These same MAGAt goons didn’t care that Trump played politics with the last relief bill by having his name stamped on stimulus checks.

After the Cares Act was passed last March, giving $2.2 trillion intended to help Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, we knew it wasn’t enough. Though something is better than nothing, $1,200 only goes so far when you’re out of work. Millions of small businesses didn’t receive any relief with many going bankrupt. Even some businesses that did receive help…

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5 thoughts on “OK Moscow

    • Hello Nan. Just read that Pat Robertson thinks tRump is erratic and should move on. Wow, even the grifters are done with tRump. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. But this guy said a couple months ago that God told him tRump would win, his god picked tRump for president, his god told him not to worry tRump would be president! When does he say to all of us that oops, his god was wrong? His god may not know everything? Or his god can not manipulate material reality as claimed? Hugs


          • Oh I agree with all that. I’m just surprised that he would actually admit that maybe –just maybe– his “god” was mistaken. In his world, it would be jaw-dropping!

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