5 thoughts on “If the Government Treated Men Like It Treats Women

  • “The sting of a reproach is the truth of it.”
    B. Franklin

    This double standard is as old as Christianity. Probably much further in the Jewish religion, but there is the instance of John 8:4 that always stands out as the most obnoxious as not even the vaunted Christ pointed out the hypocrisy and the double standard: “Rabbi, this woman was caught in adultery.”

    The most obvious question is, “where was the man?” There had to be another warm body some place. Even when they create stories like this, men in their self-righteousness are careful to put the woman under subjection, not just to man, but to the very scripture that would guide religious piety, so that even without a man’s direct input, women themselves would hold themselves victim to man whims.

    Talk about some bitches.

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    • Not sure where I read it … and wrote my rebuttal … but there was a discussion on the man/woman thing elsewhere.

      I agree that the female tends to get the short end of the stick in pretty much all circumstances. The incident I referenced was related to limiting family size and I wondered why the woman is the one that must prevent childbirth (via pills and other devices) instead of the male simply getting a (much easier and safer) vasectomy.

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      • Hello Nan. I never understood how and why all of the pregnancy thing got blamed on the female and so casually in the US culture. Even to the idea that girls had to stay pure while boys will be boys. The disconnect between how girls bodies are thought of and how boys actions are thought of is crazy. But I just learned of a woman who was raped several times at 14 by a fellow church member and the rapist recorded it. At 15 four male leaders of her Jehovah’s Witnesses church made her listen to the recording for 4 hours trying to get her to admit she was at fault.

        The woman sued the four elders, the Roy church and the religion’s national organization, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, in Oden’s 2nd District Court in 2016. She alleges she cried, shook visibly and pleaded for them to stop as they played the recording intermittently over the course of at least four hours in 2008. Their goal was to extract a confession that she had voluntarily engaged in sex outside of marriage, her attorneys contend.

        The girl was assumed at fault by the men. Incredible. Horrible. But the mindset is what I do not understand, why is it only Eve that is blamed, when Adam ate willingly and was given the same instructions? Hugs

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        • Thing is, Scottie, whenever a religious twist is put on anything, it no longer has the qualities of common sense. It’s just blather to support the beliefs of the ignorant.

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    • Hello Cagjr. The idea that some people think they can basically own other peoples bodies and control their actions is the whole idea of religion isn’t it? Control and power over others to get money. Hugs


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