6 thoughts on “‘Massive red line’: GOP lawmaker reacts to Flynn’s martial law pitch

  • Scary, scary stuff! Conspiracy theories may be the downfall of this country if tRumpsky continues his efforts beyond Jan. 20th. Biden may be sitting in the Oval Office, but among the Trump-pets, his words/authority mean nothing. One advantage is the ones that might cause the most trouble are limited in number.

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    • I certainly can’t say for sure, Nan, but I believe that a lot of this white supremacist activity, which has gone on with little resistance up to now will see some drastic changes. I hope the FBI has been developing some records on some of the worst actors. It wouldn’t do any good to try to prosecute them while Trump is in office. Maybe.

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    • Hello Nan. I know you don’t care for Beau of the fifth column ( I suspect because of his long beard ) but he has a great post today about tRump lashing out at Moscow Mitch by trying to sabotage the Covid relief part of the bill they just passed. He talks about how tRump is reacting to attempts to take away his power. So I think he will try to hold on to as much power as possible. Hugs


      • Beau’s long beard has nothing to do with anything. While he may say things that emphasize and underline what others are thinking, I just look at him and say … “so who are you?” From my perspective, he’s just another guy offering his opinion from a good-old-boy perspective.

        It’s apparent it appeals to many. Just not to me.

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