7 thoughts on “Pondering who is winning?

    • Yep, Nan. That is the nature of self-delusion. And the results of good propaganda. When the church is leading the charge, how easy it is to take long drafts of the elixir.

      I don’t think that anyone on these blogs thought four years ago that our society is so ill-prepared to observe, to examine with a critical eye, what is being offered them, that this fiasco could happen. Last night there was a meeting in the White House, with Flynn calling for martial law. We can surely understand now why Obama fired Flynn and why Trump hired him.

      We are this near losing our democracy and Christian Nationalists want to take over education, make the law of God the law of the land, and for the church to appoint Elders to administer the theocracy. Really. That is their ambition. Don’t take my word for anything. Google Project Blitz. Read enough of their plan to see that what they are doing today is putting that plan into action. Then ask yourselves how many more administrations like this one can our republic withstand?

      Happy Winter Solstice, everyone.

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      • Hello Cagjr. Happy Winter Solstice for you also. No I couldn’t have imagined this. I was still hearing the Republicans say that Obama was trying to be a king and a dictator and was planning to invade Texas with Jade Helm military drills. Obama was trying to destroy the democracy and wouldn’t transfer peacefully transfer power … Until tRump won the election and forced that black man to leave the White House to return the US of A back to the godly country the Muslim black Obama was forcing on school kids. Right?

        Yes I think people should be come aware of project Blitz, it is scary what they are managing to get done, especially in the southern and Midwest Northern states. The thing is they are never done, it is never enough, if they win or get a concession they push harder for more. It really is an open attempt to install religious doctrine in secular laws. A lot of their push is against public schools to force them to teach or allow their religious views and attempting to get government funding for religious schools. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Yes it stuns me. I couldn’t understand how quickly the Republicans as a party went from full on hate of Russia to loving Putin as a pal. The cult use to chant better dead than red, now it is better Russian than Democrat. These super patriots would rather belong to another country than one of the political parties in a democracy?

      Oh did you see where Putin not only got made president until 2036 but was given immunity for him and his family for life from investigation, arrest, questioning, or anything else dealing with or about a crime. He is now literally above the laws of Russia. I bet I know what tRump wants for Christmas? Hugs

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      • I’m not surprised about Putin and his immunity. He has iron fist control over that country. And yes, I have no doubts what is on tRumpsky’s C’mas list.

        Thing is … he has his supporters so riled up over this, that, and the other thing that they are totally BLIND to their Dear Leader’s end goals. If it were ever to come to pass, how do you think they would react when the truth dawned on them?

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        • Hello Nan. Great point, but do you think it would ever dawn on them? Or would right wing media keep them so riled up over all the outrages that silly Democrats are doing that are ruining the country by making things better for people, that they still wont notice. True or not Putin until recently was very popular in Russia, even knowing that he wanted a return to the hateful one person / one party rule with the people having no say of the past. They say it was because he hated the minority groups that the most angry hated, and that he favored the majority religion. I wonder where tRump learned it from? Hugs

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          • “They” say he talks to his buddy regularly. No doubt he’s been getting first-hand lessons.

            We’re already seen some of the required tactics in action over the past four years. And yes, he will no doubt continue his efforts over the NEXT four years to keep his supporters angry and committed to “the cause.” Then again … if the lawsuits get ahold of him as many predict, he may be too busy with “other things.” 😈

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