27 thoughts on “So when does he admit god was wrong?

    • Hello Nan. I have never understood the love of the end times for these people? Besides that at the end they go to heaven, the run up to and the time of them is a bitch on everyone. Suffering and gnashing of teeth. Why do they want that. I can understand the ones wanting rapture, they think they are getting out of town before the troubles hit. But then they get to watch the people they knew be tortured and if that makes they happy, they knew some shitty people or they are? Hugs

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      • Based on what I was taught … the “raptured” will be spending their time “worshipping and praising” their god. They won’t be paying any attention to the “left behind” crew.

        You may be thinking of what some of the idiots teach … that the “saints” will get to watch the “sinners” in hell. This, like so many other teachings, is based on shaky ground.

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        • Hello Nan. What is telling is that so many of the “saved” want to be able to watch others suffering in hell. Tells you what kind of people they are, IMO. Hugs


  • Well, he DID predict both outcomes. At least to the best of his limited ability. I don’t know if he will ever admit anything wrong since he was only interpreting what god said to him personally, and who knows? maybe he has hearing impairments and missed every other word. Hugs.

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    • Hello Angela. How have you been? Ron and I made a bunch of cookies and ice cream for our son and his girlfriend. We were thinking of you and hope everything was OK.

      About ole Pat, he has a pretty big ego. Who do you think he is more likely to blame for a mistake, himself or god? 😀😃😉😎 Best wishes and Hugs

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      • Well Scottie, since Pat is never wrong then I suppose he will say god is.

        What kind of cookies? I haven’t done anything for Christmas this year.. There doesn’t seem to be any point to it since I’m alone this year I told my kids not ro come because too many people in the building are dying of the virus. Don disobeyed me today and came anyway and I was glad they did. I haven’t seen them since March.

        We are all still numb from Steve’s death but learning to cope. It would have been easier if we had seen him recently but it has been over five years. Hugs.

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        • Hello Angela. We made oatmeal raisin, peanut butter Heresy’s thumb drop kisses, and snickerdoodles. Plus both chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Ron kept some for us, but I do not eat anything with raisins and we made the Heresy’s with dark chocolate as Olivia likes that best and I don’t eat that either, I have not had many cookies to enjoy. So I am waiting for Ron to eat these down and then I will make some I like. If I make more now he will eat more cookies and that is not good for him.
          Take care of your self, I am glad you got to see family even though there is Covid in the building. I got a text that two people here in the park have it, not surprised. These people wont wear masks unless it is required. They all gather here in groups and think they are safe. They are all elderly so … I do wish them the best, but I worry. Hugs


  • It is amazing the amount of ignorance which goes into these ‘God told me’ BS stories. It is sort of sad that all these people come forward with their conversations with God which never, never, ever comes to pass. God tells a different outcome to different people; He, in His omnipotence, plays both sides and still comes out a loser. It is crap like this that makes me a ‘former’ Christian. Do they have any shame when they make their god look like a blathering idiot? Not the least bit. Most of these kind of preachers hold to the OT scriptures, especially in the area of tithing and offerings. But I’m sure we all know the OT scripture concerning false prophets. I guess it take more bullshit to satisfy some of us and less for others. We have to factor in the co-efficient of self-delusion.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I wonder if God tells all these different people to run for president just as a joke? Really the ego of all these people who claim god wanted them to run for office. God has a sense of humor I see. Hugs

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      • Dear Scottie,

        HaHa! I’m glad that you find his name amusing! Perhaps you can ask him why he chose that name and why in Chinese.

        Given your vast knowledge about the sorry state of affairs in the USA, I am really curious about what you think of my latest post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠” at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/

        I shall be very grateful if you could kindly read my said post and submit your comment there, as I always value your feedback on what I present on my blog highly.

        At the end of the post, I have also devised a detailed twenty-point Checklist, which is beneficial to not just laypersons and citizens but also those who deal with history, archival research, investigative journalism, media studies, social science, behavioural science, political science, law, (socio)linguistics and information literacy.

        I would like to wish you and Ron a wonderful festive season. May you find the rest of 2020 and the New Year very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!

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        • Hello SoundEagle. Thank you, and holiday well wishes for you and yours also. I am not sure I have vast knowledge but it does appeal to my vanity? I am headed over to look at your post. Hugs

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        • Hello SoundEagle. I left a comment on your post. I have more critical ideas I would prefer not to publicly post in your comment section. If you want them let me know if you want them via email or posted here or in your comments. If you don’t want them that is OK also just let me know. Hugs

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          • Dear Scottie,

            Thank you for making your first comment at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/

            I very much welcome your submitting more comments at my said post. Please feel free to divulge all of your critical ideas there. Your second and subsequent comments can be as long, extensive and complicated as you like. There is really no limit as to how far you may express yourself in any post or page on my blog. In addition, you are encouraged to include image(s) and video(s) in your forthcoming comment(s).

            Looking forward to receiving more inputs from you at my said post. . . . .

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            • Hello SoundEagle. Other than fighting an illness I have had to take 2 1/2 days to fix a bot running problem which was running rampant on my network, I was able to get it out of all but one computer, including the router. One computer the only way to keep it down is to lock out certain programs which meant I spent all day yesterday moving computers around and rewiring my desk so that I could keep doing my blogging other functions without the bots running in the background.

              I had hoped to do this criticism more privately because it is not favorable to your writing. I have found criticisms are easier digested in less public settings, but as you insist, I will go to your post and post the saved comment there. I will have it up soon, I must go into the backups to find it as I had to dump each computer and format the disks to get to the malware. Hugs

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              • Dear Scottie,

                I always welcome criticisms, even more so when they are well substantiated and reasoned, not to mention that you and I have been communicating for years, and we are like close friends. So, I look forward to your input(s).

                You might want to re-read my said post as it is now even longer, including a very detailed infographic plus some extra new paragraphs. I am still in the process of introducing more to the post even as I type this very comment and submit it to you.

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              • Dear Scottie,

                HaHaHa! I was hoping to submit my previous paragraph before you submitted yours to my said post, but you have managed to get yours out there second before I did mine!

                What a productive comment you have indulged me! And that’s the unadulterated Scottie that I have come to know and like. ❤

                BIG HUGS to you . . . . . .

                From now on, please refrain from holding back and always reveal to SoundEagle.

                May you have a good time spending the last days of 2020 with Ron before 2021 dawns on us! And may both of you enjoy what the new year will bring soon!

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                • Hello SoundEagle. In late 2019 I got a PowerShell network malware. It kept changing my computer permissions to unrestricted or bypass. I got rid of that one. Then about 4 or 5 months ago I noticed that when I signed on to twitter it would see me somewhere else in the world. At first it was Romania and then Italy was the most common. I got that fixed.

                  About around late September I noticed that I would occasionally have an issue switching the mouse / keyboard between the computers on my desk. Instead of smoothly flowing back and forth they would hang or simply jump between computers back and forth on their own. The antivirus malware firewall security system Norton found nothing even though it found and removed the others as they happened. Then I started getting notices on sites I go to that use security checks and on google when I googled something that I had unusual traffic on my network. Basically running bots. It doesn’t seem to interfere with much, just the moving between computers. So when I would see it, I would stop what I was doing, and take the computers off the internet, reset the internet adapters on both the VPN and the computers. I would run the registry cleaners and the other cleaning programs. That would solve it for a while, then it would happen again.

                  Then it got so I couldn’t clear it from my main blogging computer and it rarely hit the video computer. So I dumped both and tried it to see what happened. Same thing, it came back on the blogging computer but rarely on the video computer. Which tells me the bot system is getting to me from a website(s) I go to. Then I notice it was first detectable on Firefox. When I noticed a problem with the switching between the computers if I opened Firefox ( I normally do all my stuff on Chrome ) and googled something, the page would display the notice asking me to prove I was human, running unusual traffic. It would take much longer before it showed up on Chrome. It has never shown up on Tor. When it happened on the video computer, I could clear it with resetting Firefox, but on the main blogging computer it wouldn’t clear.

                  So this week I took both computers off the internet, scrubbed all their drives, did every security scan I could, did a factory install on one and loaded a new Windows 10 on the other. Then I set them up as best as I knew how, doing every security check and registry clean I know how to do. I tested them and the malware came back. Then I scrubbed them again. Then I set them up doing the same procedures as before but I then moved them switching them from sides of my desk. I relabeled them. Both monitors are 34 inch 4k and the computers are similar enough that it doesn’t matter which I use for what. So the main blogging computer became my video computer and vice versa.

                  So after scrubbing them and setting them up again I found the malware was still showing occasionally on Firefox. But as I run it only to do the morning roundup of cartoons and memes, I installed it only on the computer I blog on. So far I have been checking it all day and it has only showed up once, in late morning. Not sure what this all means.

                  As the only way I can tell it is there is a hiccup moving the mouse or keyboard between computers or opening the Firefox browser and googling something. I no longer get the notification on any other browser or website because it seems to use / hit Firefox first and I am catching it there.

                  That is what I have been dealing with. That and not feeling well has cramped my online time. But hopefully this configuration will fix things and let me spend more time online and less time trying to get rid of bots. Hugs

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  • Never, never ever can they admit the fallacy of their religion. Religion is already falling by the wayside, and as science advances, it fails more rapidly. Religion is devoted to the welfare of the priesthood. Nothing more. It has met the need to become more elaborate in the course of time to deflect the facts of scientific advancement. It is a strange thing, but the more incredible and preposterous their claims, the greater the commitment of the adherents. The human mind is a fantastic concept.

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    • Hello Ben. I was just reading that Graham was golfing with tRump and spoke to reporters afterward, during which he said it was time to look at the debt. Go figure. Well I am sure that Pat Roberson is well invested in the stock market and the stock market hates uncertainty. With everything tRump is doing it causes a lot of uncertainty.
      It comes down to money, both for politicians and for religious leaders. Hugs

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